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Discover the beauty and diversity of Europe by moving to one of these 5 countries. These amazing places are known for stunning architecture, delicious food, and a vibrant culture.

Europe is best known for its high standard of living, affordable housing, ease of relocation, digital lifestyle, top-notch education, language, employment opportunities, the government, the atmosphere and climate, health care industry, public transportation and tourism, vibrant society, and world-class airports. So, this justifies why a lot of people dream of moving to this continent.

There are many countries to select from when moving to Europe, but you shouldn’t base your decision entirely on arbitrary factors like a pleasant temperature or a region’s renowned cuisine. It’s crucial to keep in mind while making your move that some countries can be more suitable for you than others. So, you need to do a lot of research to find out which European countries are the best for you.

But don’t worry! We’ve done thorough research to help you find out the best country for you to live in Europe. Read on to find out which of these amazing European countries you should move to.

Factors to Choose the Best European Country for You 

When considering moving to Europe, finding the right country that suits your needs and preferences is crucial. Here are some key factors to consider:

Quality of Life: Research the overall quality of life in different countries. Look at factors like healthcare, education, safety, and work-life balance. Consider what matters most to you and your family.

Cost of Living: Evaluate the cost of living in various countries. This includes housing, groceries, transportation, and entertainment. Make sure the country’s affordability aligns with your budget.

Job Opportunities: Explore job prospects in your field. Some countries might have more opportunities and better wages for your profession than others. Research industries that thrive in different regions.

Language and Culture: Language can play a significant role in your comfort and integration. Consider whether you’re comfortable learning a new language or prefer an English-speaking country. Also, think about the cultural aspects that resonate with you.

Visa and Residency: Understand the visa and residency requirements for each country. Some places might offer entrepreneur-friendly visas, while others require specific qualifications.

Climate and Geography: Think about the climate you prefer. Do you enjoy warmer or colder weather? Also, consider the geographical diversity – coastal, mountainous, or urban landscapes.

Ease of Integration: Research how welcoming the local community is towards foreigners. Some countries have a strong expat community and easier integration processes.

Healthcare and Social Services: Look into the healthcare system and social services offered. Access to quality healthcare and support systems can be crucial, especially for families.

5 Best European Countries to Move To:

  1. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a really advanced country, and it’s been ranked as the second-richest country in the world consistently for a few years. Because of this, it’s a really good place to move to. A lot of people from other countries have immigrated there for these very reasons – more than 40%.

It’s one of the top 10 countries in the world according to the 2023 Happiness Report. People from 170 different countries come and work in Luxembourg. Lots of people who come from other countries like to work in Luxembourg because not many people there are unemployed, prices for things don’t go up a lot, and the country is growing. 

This is especially true for people who went to college, learned a trade, have special skills, or have good job experience. People who come from other places usually get good jobs in technology and other modern services. They also get paid more than people in most of Europe. Lastly, they don’t even have to pay taxes for 5 years if they’re working there.

Also, it’s close to Germany, Belgium, and France, which are only a few hours away, which is great for people who want to visit other European countries. Also, Luxembourg has three official languages, and most people there can speak English well. So, talking to others is usually easy.

  1. Portugal 

Portugal is highly respected for its laid-back lifestyle, a reputation that is well-deserved. The country is known for being warm and friendly and consistently ranks among the top 5 countries for expat happiness in surveys. Moving to Portugal is remarkably easy, with various visa options available, including golden and entrepreneur visa programs.

The country offers a wonderful social life with ease in making local friends, along with a rich history, diverse culture and people, efficient public transportation, a strong healthcare system, and low crime rates. Portugal is not only safe for travel but also considered one of the safest places globally, ranking seventh in the Global Peace Index out of 163 countries.

Despite real estate prices rising rapidly, Portugal remains relatively affordable compared to many Western European countries. The cost of living in Portugal is around 40% lower than in the United States. This affordability allows many expats to enjoy a comfortable life in Portugal without the high costs they might face in their home countries.

  1. Germany

Germany is a great choice for people looking to settle because of its strong economy, high wages, and appealing cities like Berlin and Dusseldorf. These cities have impressive buildings like opera houses and cathedrals. Germany also offers a rich culture, good public transportation, free schools, and healthcare, making it a popular destination to live in. While the cost of living varies, German cities are often cheaper than other European ones.

Germany’s strong economy, along with its cultural emphasis on order and rules, has led to a high quality of life. Salaries in Germany are competitive, allowing both full-time and part-time workers to live comfortably. This commitment to fair wages extends even to interns, highlighting the country’s high living standards. Germans have a good work/life balance, enjoy activities, and are known for high productivity despite working fewer hours than other Europeans. German workers get around 14 public holidays and about 30 days of paid leave. However, to understand the social norms better, it’s helpful to learn German.

The healthcare system in Germany is largely state-run and collective, covering most salaried employees. This ensures that everyone has access to healthcare with a modest contribution, indicating the elevated living standards in the country.

  1. Netherlands

The Netherlands ranks as the fourth best European country to live in due to its high quality of life score and reasonable cost of living score. It boasts beautiful cosmopolitan cities and a robust economy, and was even named among the world’s safest countries in 2023. These factors contribute to its well-deserved fourth-place ranking in this list.

For expats moving to the Netherlands, there are ample opportunities to meet people. The country has a lively social scene, with a summer café culture, festivals, and cultural events all year round. Generally, the Dutch are welcoming to foreigners and strive to integrate newcomers into their communities. They are known for their equality-driven outlook and relatively progressive society.

The Netherlands provides appealing options and openings for international businesses and professionals. Additionally, if you’re an EU national and find an opportunity in the Netherlands, you can begin working without needing a work permit, enabling a swift start.

The Netherlands prioritizes a healthy work-life balance. Research indicates that only about 0.3% of employees work long hours, a stark contrast to the global average of 10%

As a nation that loves cycling, they’ve even implemented bike rental schemes to encourage eco-friendly and efficient urban travel. If you’re a cycling enthusiast or intrigued by the idea of biking to work, the Netherlands might be an ideal fit for you.

  1. The United Kingdom

Last on our list is the United Kingdom, where living is no less than a dream for some people. This is because the UK has good job opportunities in diverse sectors, even unusual ones. It’s easy for people to move there because they don’t have to learn a new language. They can also make friends, learn the culture, and follow the customs easily.

The UK is one of the richest countries in Europe ranked at number six among the richest economies in the world. This means there are a lot of chances to find jobs, start your own business, or work as a freelancer. You can also get help with things like healthcare and social benefits. 

The UK is forward-thinking about work benefits. They offer paid leaves for new fathers, shared time off for parents, vacation time, and support for mental health. Many companies now let employees work both in the office and from home at their convenience. This helps people have a good balance between work and personal life.

The UK has some of the best education systems in the world. If you want to get good higher education, the UK has one of the best universities like Oxford and Cambridge. They also have a healthcare service called the National Health Service (NHS) which helps everyone get free medical care. Even now, the NHS takes care of people, and the money comes from taxes.

If you want to move to the UK, one common way is through a work visa. This is particularly easy if your job is sending you there. But there are also visas for families and for people who want to invest in the UK.

The only bad thing is that because of Brexit, the UK is not part of the EU anymore. This means its citizens don’t have the same rights as people from the EU, and it’s harder to move around in Europe.

Final thoughts about Germany

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Final thoughts about the United Kingdom

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