set up a Company in Germany

How to set up a Company in Germany


Starting a business in Germany means you need to know how things work. First, picking the right legal form for ...

30 businesses to setup in germany

Top 30 Businesses to Setup in Germany 2025


As 2025 nears, Germany emerges as a major player in Europe’s economy, full of business opportunities. Its prowess in engineering ...

Germany’s exceptional quality of life

Exploring Germany’s Exceptional Quality of Life


Welcome to our series on exploring the exceptional quality of life in Germany. For those seeking a fulfilling lifestyle in ...

Germany’s highly educated and talented workforce

Harness Germany’s Highly Educated Workforce


Welcome to our article exploring the benefits of Germany’s highly educated and talented workforce for businesses in the United Kingdom. ...

Germany’s strong commitment to innovation and research

Germany’s Dedication to Research & Innovation


Germany is renowned for its unwavering commitment to research and innovation. With a rich history of scientific excellence and a ...

Germany is renowned for its strong industrial base

Germany’s Strong Industrial Base Strengths Revealed


Welcome to the first section of our article, where we will explore why Germany is renowned for having a strong ...

Germany’s strategic geographical position

Germany’s Strategic Geographical Position Explained


Hello and welcome to our article on Germany’s strategic geographical position and its impact on European and global affairs. Germany, ...

Compare UK and Spain

Compare living and work between UK and Spain


Moving abroad makes you compare lots. Living in the UK vs Spain is often debated. You need to look at ...

Compare USA and Europe

Compare living and work between USA and Europe


Moving to a new country can be a big change, especially when comparing life across the Atlantic. This article will ...

Compare Portugal Germany

Compare living and work between Portugal and Germany


Choosing where to settle in Europe can be tough, as Portugal and Germany offer varied experiences. Many from the UK ...

Germany is an ideal base for businesses

10 Businesses to Setup in Germany


Germany is a top choice for UK investors because of its strong economy and good location. It offers many business ...

German employment

Employment Basics in Germany


Welcome to our guide on employment basics in Germany, providing you with valuable insights into the German employment landscape. Whether ...

Relocating to Germany

Relocating to Germany for business


Are you considering relocating to Germany for business? Whether you’re expanding your company or starting a new venture, Germany offers ...

German healthcare

The German healthcare system


Welcome to our article on the German healthcare system. If you’re considering a move to Germany or simply curious about ...

E-Commerce in Germany

Starting An E-Commerce Business in Germany


Welcome to our guide on starting an E-commerce business in Germany! If you’re considering launching an E-commerce venture in the ...

expand to Germany

How to expand your business to Germany


Welcome to our guide on expanding your business to Germany – a key step towards business expansion in the European ...

German Branch

Open a Branch in Germany


Are you a UK firm looking to expand your business? Consider opening a branch in Germany, Europe’s robust economy. Germany ...

Subsidiary in Germany

Open a Subsidiary in Germany


Welcome to our informative guide on how to open a subsidiary in Germany. If you are considering business expansion and ...

German factors to consider

Factors to Consider Before Setting up A Company in Germany


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on starting a business in Germany. If you’re considering venturing into the German market, it’s ...

German requirements

Legal and Regulatory Requirements for Companies in Germany


Welcome to our guide on the legal and regulatory requirements that businesses operating in Germany must adhere to. Whether you ...

Housing System in Germany

Housing System in Germany


Statistically speaking, 55% of Germany’s population lives in rental properties, making it one of the highest rates of renting in ...

Education System in Germany

Education System in Germany for Global Learners


Did you know that Germany is home to over 380 higher education institutions and offers more than 20,000 degree programs? ...

17 businesses to setup in  Germany

Explore: Businesses to Setup in Germany Today


New updated article: If you’re an entrepreneur looking to expand your horizons, Germany could be the perfect place to ...

How to Start a Travel Business in Germany – Top Tips


Ready to make your travel business dreams come true in Germany? Keep reading our guide to find all the answers ...

Compare Living And Work Between Italy, France And Germany


Are you looking to settle either in Italy, France or Germany? What is the correct country for you? Read our ...

Company Formation Comparison between Germany and France


Are you looking for entry into the European business landscape, but can’t decide between Germany and France? Discover the in-depth ...

Top 10 Cities in Europe to Setup a Small Business


Looking to start a small business in Europe? The top 10 cities offer a supportive business environment, a skilled workforce, ...

10 Reasons why you should set up a business in Germany


Thinking of setting up a business in Germany? Here are ten reasons why it’s a great idea! Are you an ...

Finance and Banking in Germany


Discover the different types of financial institutions in Germany and learn about the finance and banking system in the country. ...

Why You Should Move to These 5 European Countries


Discover the beauty and diversity of Europe by moving to one of these 5 countries. These amazing places are known ...

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