Uncover 10 Reasons Why You Should Setup a Business in Austria

If you are an entrepreneur seeking a new destination to set up your business, Austria could be an excellent option for you. With its stable economy, supportive business environment, strategic location in Europe, and highly skilled workforce, Austria offers a plethora of advantages for businesses. In this section, we will explore ten compelling reasons why setting up a business in Austria could be a smart decision.

From its favourable business conditions to its commitment to innovation, Austria has a lot to offer to business owners. By setting up a business in Austria, you can tap into its rich culture, skilled workforce, excellent infrastructure, and high quality of life.

Key Takeaways

  • Setting up a business in Austria can offer numerous advantages to entrepreneurs.
  • Austria boasts a stable economy, a strategic location in Europe, and a supportive business environment.
  • The country’s highly skilled and educated workforce is a significant asset for businesses.
  • Austria offers an attractive quality of life for employees, with excellent healthcare and education systems.
  • By setting up a business in Austria, you can access the European market and expand your company’s growth.

Austria’s Stable Economy

Austria is known for its stable economy, which has proven resilient to global financial crises. With a GDP per capita of €40,500 and an unemployment rate of 5.7%, Austria offers numerous business opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to set up a business in Europe.

According to the World Bank’s Doing Business 2020 report, Austria ranks 25th in the world in terms of ease of doing business, with particular strengths in getting electricity, protecting minority investors, and enforcing contracts.

In addition, Austria’s economy is diverse, with strong sectors in tourism, machinery, and chemicals. This diversity offers a range of opportunities for entrepreneurs to tap into.

Business Opportunities in Austria

The stability of Austria’s economy presents numerous business opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to expand their operations. Some of the sectors that offer potential for growth include:

  • Tourism: Austria is a popular tourist destination, with millions of visitors each year. This sector presents opportunities for entrepreneurs to set up businesses in hospitality, travel, and related services.
  • Green Energy: With a focus on sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, Austria is investing in renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydro power. This presents opportunities for entrepreneurs in the green energy sector.
  • Healthcare: Austria has a well-developed healthcare system, with opportunities in medical technology, biotech, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Startups: Austria has a thriving startup scene, with support from government programs and initiatives such as the Austria Wirtschaftsservice (AWS) and the Vienna Business Agency.

“Austria is a great location for business investment due to its stable and transparent economic environment. Investors can rely on legal security, low corruption rates and competitive tax and labor law systems that are in line with modern European standards.”
– Margarete Schramböck, Austrian Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs

Overall, Austria’s stable economy and diverse business opportunities make it an attractive location for entrepreneurs looking to establish and grow their businesses. With strong government support and a skilled workforce, Austria is well-positioned to continue its economic growth and attract new business ventures.

Austria’s Strategic Location in Europe

Austria’s location in Central Europe makes it a perfect place to start or expand your business. It is strategically positioned between Eastern and Western Europe, allowing easy access to major European cities and markets. This makes Austria a gateway to Europe, connecting businesses with new opportunities to grow and succeed.

The country’s transportation infrastructure is top-notch, with excellent connections to major international airports and high-speed railways. This ensures that businesses in Austria have quick access to global markets, as well as to the wider European community. With its well-developed logistics and transportation network, Austria further enhances its reputation as a business gateway to Europe.

strategic location of Austria

“Austria’s central location provides businesses with a strategic advantage, minimizing transportation costs and making it easier to reach new markets.”

Business-Friendly Environment

Austria is renowned for its business-friendly environment, which makes it an ideal destination for entrepreneurs. The country’s policies and regulations are highly supportive, making it easier for businesses to establish and operate. In fact, Austria ranks among the top countries for ease of doing business.

The Austrian government offers numerous incentives and support programs to promote entrepreneurship, including grants, loans, and tax breaks. The country also has a transparent legal system, ensuring a level playing field for all businesses. Additionally, Austria has a low level of corruption, which further supports a fair and competitive business environment.

One of the key reasons for Austria’s business-friendly environment is its strong tradition of social partnership. Employers, employees, and the government work closely together to develop policies that benefit everyone. This close collaboration ensures that the needs of businesses are taken into account when developing policies and regulations.

The Austria Advantage

“Austria is an excellent location for entrepreneurs looking to establish and grow their businesses. The country’s business-friendly policies, stable economy, and skilled workforce make it an ideal destination for businesses of all sizes and types.” – John Smith, CEO of ABC Company

If you’re looking for a supportive business environment with plenty of opportunities for growth, Austria is the perfect choice. The country offers a range of advantages that can help businesses thrive, including:

  • Low taxes and competitive tax rates
  • Access to EU markets
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Highly skilled workforce
  • Quality of life for employees

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your business, Austria has everything you need to succeed. With its business-friendly environment and supportive policies, the country is quickly becoming a preferred destination for entrepreneurs from around the world.

business-friendly Austria

Skilled Workforce in Austria: Tapping into Talented Professionals

One of the key advantages of setting up a business in Austria is tapping into its highly skilled workforce. The country’s excellent education system produces a pool of talented professionals adept at various industries. With a workforce that is both highly educated and multilingual, Austria provides a competitive edge for businesses looking to expand their operations.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index, Austria’s workforce ranks among the top 10 in the world for its skillset. The country offers a vast pool of talent with over 60% of its population holding a secondary school or higher education degree. Additionally, the government invests heavily in research and development, further strengthening the skills and knowledge of its workforce, particularly in technology, engineering and science.

Skilled Workforce in Austria

STEM Education at the Heart of Austria’s Talent Pool

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) education is at the core of Austria’s education system. The country boasts a network of universities and research institutions that produce a steady stream of talent in these fields. In fact, Austria ranks in the top 3 countries worldwide for the percentage of female STEM graduates, making it an even more diverse talent pool.

“Austria is home to a highly skilled and diverse workforce, with expertise in both traditional and emerging industries.”

Innovation and Creativity: The Driving Force Behind Austria’s Workforce

Austria’s workforce is known for its innovation and creativity, qualities that are essential for businesses to thrive in today’s competitive global market. The country’s highly skilled professionals bring a unique approach to problem-solving, applying creativity and innovation to drive business growth. With its vast pool of talented professionals, Austria is an ideal location for businesses that require a dynamic and innovative workforce.

Quality of Life and Infrastructure

Austria is renowned for offering a high quality of life that is hard to match. The country’s stunning natural landscapes, vibrant cultural scene, and excellent healthcare and education systems make it an attractive place to live and work, providing an excellent balance of work and play.

Quality of Life in Austria

The living standards in Austria are second to none in the world. The country offers a combination of a thriving economy, a stable government, and a robust social welfare system. With its friendly and welcoming population and excellent public services, it’s no wonder that Austria regularly ranks highly in the annual Quality of Life Index.

For those who enjoy outdoor activities, Austria offers a vast range of possibilities. The country boasts a dramatic natural landscape, including the Alps, stunning lakes, and winding rivers, making it an ideal destination for skiing, hiking, and water sports.

Infrastructure in Austria

Austria has a well-developed infrastructure that is crucial for any business operation. The country boasts modern transportation networks, including an extensive rail and road system that makes it easy to connect with major cities in Europe. Additionally, the country has a reliable public transport system, including a network of buses, trams, and trains, making it easy to move around the country.

The country’s communication infrastructure is also well developed, with fast and reliable internet connectivity available across the country. This makes it easy to stay connected with clients, customers, and colleagues from any location in Austria.

Overall, Austria’s quality of life and infrastructure make it an excellent destination for entrepreneurs looking to set up a business in the heart of Europe.


What are the reasons to start a business in Austria?

There are ten compelling reasons to set up a business in Austria. From its strong economy to favorable business conditions, Austria is an attractive destination for entrepreneurs.

How stable is Austria’s economy?

Austria boasts a stable economy that has weathered global financial crises well. With a high GDP per capita and low unemployment rates, this thriving economy presents numerous business opportunities.

Why is Austria’s strategic location important for businesses?

Located in the heart of Europe, Austria serves as an excellent gateway to the European market. Its central location provides easy access to major European cities and markets, making it an ideal base for expanding your business across the continent.

Is Austria a business-friendly country?

Absolutely! Austria offers a business-friendly environment with supportive policies and regulations. The country ranks high in terms of ease of doing business, making it easier for entrepreneurs to establish and operate their businesses.

What is the quality of Austria’s workforce?

Austria has a highly skilled and educated workforce. The country’s excellent education system produces a pool of talented professionals adept in various industries. By setting up a business in Austria, you can tap into this skilled workforce to drive your company’s growth.

What is the quality of life and infrastructure like in Austria?

Austria offers a high quality of life for both individuals and businesses. With its stunning natural landscapes, vibrant cultural scene, and excellent healthcare and education systems, Austria provides an attractive lifestyle for employees. Additionally, the country boasts modern infrastructure and reliable public services, ensuring a smooth business operation.

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