Best Business to Start in Ireland: Top Opportunities


What is the best business to start in Ireland?

Ireland is a prime spot for lucrative business opportunities because of its dynamic, welcoming business scene. It’s known for a low corporate tax rate and great investment policies. This draws many global businesses, helping Ireland earn a place on Forbes’ Most Innovative Companies List. Starting a business here means you’re likely to see growth and good profits.

The country has moved from an agrarian society to a knowledge-based economy. This shift makes Ireland a great place for Irish business ventures. Entrepreneurs will find fertile ground for innovation and success here. There’s something for every kind of business person, whether you’re experienced or just starting out. The varied business environment offers plenty of chances across different sectors.

Key Takeaways

  • Low corporate tax rate that attracts global businesses.
  • Favourable investment and pro-business policies.
  • Transformed economy from agrarian to knowledge-based.
  • High return on investment for entrepreneurs.
  • Diverse and dynamic business landscape suitable for various sectors.

Overview of Ireland’s Business Environment

There are several clear benefits when you look at doing business in Ireland.

Low Corporate Tax Rate

Ireland stands out as a top choice for companies, thanks to its low corporate tax. In 1999, Ireland cut its corporate tax from 32% to 12.5%. This change is a key reason why many businesses choose Ireland.

This low tax rate offers good savings for all kinds of businesses. It helps both local and international companies. This makes Ireland a great place to invest.

Investor-Friendly Policies

Ireland is also known for being welcoming to investors. It has policies that attract people from all over the world. Ireland’s place in the EU and Eurozone, along with strong trade links, makes it an ideal business hub.

Its straightforward regulations, skilled workforce who speak English, and open market are big advantages. These factors make Ireland a top spot for investors looking for a good business setting.

Economic Transformation

In the past few years, Ireland has changed a lot economically. It moved from relying on farming to focusing more on knowledge-based industries. This was possible due to big investments in tech and life sciences.

Now, many global tech leaders have their European bases in Ireland. This has created a forward-thinking and supportive environment for new and innovative businesses.

Understanding Ireland’s Economic Background

Ireland’s economic history is fascinating, with strong ties to farming. For centuries, potatoes and beef were the cornerstone of its economy. These agricultural roots helped stabilize Ireland’s economy.

In 1999, Ireland made a bold move by cutting corporate tax rates. This welcomed global businesses, boosting Ireland’s economy. Thanks to this, many multinational companies now operate in Ireland.

Ireland is known for its economic success and rich heritage. It cherishes English and Irish as official languages. This highlights its cultural wealth and place in Europe. As Ireland grows, it keeps its culture alive alongside its economy. This blend of old and new shows Ireland’s unique strength.

Top Business Opportunities in Ireland

Ireland offers a range of business chances in many growing industries. These industries are key for the country’s economic boost and attracting investments.

High Demand Industries

Several industries are booming in Ireland, like technology, food & beverage, construction, and tourism. These sectors are booming due to their continual growth and creative advances. They offer great chances for those looking to invest.

Export Potential to the EU and UK

Ireland’s great spot makes it an entry point to EU and UK markets. It’s well-known for exporting beef and advanced life sciences items. This builds strong trade ties and marks Ireland as an important export player.

Investor Attraction in Various Sectors

Many sectors in Ireland grab investors’ interest. The tech scene is fast-growing, while pharmaceuticals have a long-standing impact. There’s also potential in online sales and consultancy. These areas offer great investment opportunities to worldwide investors.

What is the Best Business to Start in Ireland?

successful business ventures

What’s the best business to start in Ireland? This question depends on your skills, local need, and export chances. Exploring these areas can lead to a successful Irish business.

In Ireland, profitable start-ups benefit from a well-connected population and strong infrastructure. High-speed internet and efficient logistics mean e-commerce is booming. It’s a great choice for selling anything from clothes to tech gadgets.

Also, meat production is a key industry. Ireland’s farming traditions and high standards place it at the forefront of the global meat market. This industry is profitable locally and offers great export possibilities.

The life sciences sector is growing too. Thanks to heavy investment and tech progress, areas like pharmaceuticals and medical devices are booming. They show steady demand and room for innovation in healthcare.

Technology is another area where Ireland shines, known as a tech hub. The presence of big tech firms offers start-ups in software, IT, and fintech great opportunities.

The fashion industry also offers a lot of potential. For emerging designers and boutique shops, the right market research can open doors to local and global markets. This gives a chance to offer unique items that attract wide interest.

Exploring the E-commerce Sector

Ireland is getting used to the digital age, making e-commerce key. The online shopping scene here looks very promising. It enjoys great internet use and a mix of market demands.

High Internet Penetration

Internet access is a big reason why online shopping does well in Ireland. A whopping 91% of folks here can go online. This lets many people buy things online, helping e-commerce grow.

Top-Selling Products Online

Certain items sell really well online in Ireland. Fashion, electronics, and DIY items lead the pack. These areas thrive online by offering lots of choices at good prices.

Potential for Export

The e-commerce market in Ireland has a big plus: it can sell abroad easily. Irish shop owners can use online platforms to sell to the EU and UK. This grows their customer list and boosts Irish online sales.

Opportunities in the Meat Industry

Irish beef market

Ireland is known for its beautiful landscapes, which help it be a top beef producer. In 2020, Ireland exported 1.03 million tonnes of beef. These had a value of nearly €3.8 billion. This growth shows there are many chances for entrepreneurs in the beef industry.

Beef Production

The quality of Irish beef is unmatched, thanks to great farming conditions. Ireland leads in meat exports by using sustainable methods and modern facilities. The government also supports the industry, helping to boost production.

Online Sales and Export

E-commerce offers new paths for meat exports. Ireland’s place in the EU helps with smooth trading. Using online tools for sales can reach customers worldwide. This is vital for selling Irish beef globally.

Related Animal Products

The industry isn’t just about beef. Products like leather, wool, and offal also offer opportunities. These can make the sector more profitable. By selling these, businesses can grow and find new markets.

Life Sciences: A Sector with Growth Potential

The life sciences sector in Ireland is growing fast. It’s powered by strong partnerships and a push for innovation. In this field, elements like the Irish pharmaceutical industry, medical devices, and biopharmaceuticals are boosting the economy.


In Ireland, pharmaceutical companies are doing really well. This success comes from heavy investment and supportive regulations. These companies bring in €45 billion from exports each year. They also provide jobs for about 50,000 people, which greatly benefits the economy.

Medical Devices

The medical device market in Ireland is also on the rise. The country hosts 9 of the world’s biggest medical device companies. It’s recognised as a centre for medical technology innovation. This opens doors for both new startups and established businesses.


Ireland is making big moves in the biotech field. It has become a key place for biopharmaceuticals, thanks to investments from large global companies. This sector has grown in research, development, and manufacturing. It’s now a prime location for biotech projects.

Technical Writing and Consultancy

Technical writing and consultancy are also thriving in support of these sectors. Experts in these fields are crucial. They help meet regulatory standards and keep operations smooth in both the pharmaceutical and medical device markets.

Starting a Clothing Boutique

fashion retail in Ireland

Starting a clothing boutique in Ireland is a great chance to dive into its active fashion retail. A lot of shoppers are now buying online, making the online clothes market really promising. This is true for both big names and new players.

E-commerce Clothing Sales

The move to online clothes sales is strong, as Irish shoppers like the ease and choice online shopping offers. Opening an online boutique means you can reach lots of people. You can make the most of the rising interest in online fashion retail in Ireland.

Niche Markets

Focusing on special clothes areas can make your boutique stand out. In Ireland, there’s a big liking for niche markets like leather shoes and sports clothes. This is because of the country’s love for sports and unique fashion tastes. Offering these special items can give you an advantage in the crowded online clothes market.

Taking Advantage of the Tech Boom

The Irish technology sector is growing fast, with a huge €700 billion investment from places like the US. This growth is mostly thanks to the wide range of chances in software development and IT services. It makes Ireland a top spot for people who love tech.

Big names such as IBM and Google have set up shop here, proving Ireland’s skills in software and tech innovation. If you’ve got a dream to make it in business, now’s the time to dive into IT services. You could explore areas like:

  • FinTech – Using new tech to make banking and investing smoother.
  • Cybersecurity – Keeping data safe online from hackers and threats.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain – Leading the way with these new tech marvels.

Getting involved in Ireland’s tech scene can bring big growth. It also helps the whole industry move forward. This cements Ireland’s place as a major player in the tech world.

Investing in the Liquor Industry

Ireland’s liquor industry still plays a big role, despite being less noticed than IT services. It made €1.45 billion from exports in 2019 alone. This shows the alcoholic drink sector offers great chances for investors.

Iconic Spirits like Whiskey

Irish whiskey represents a part of Ireland’s rich history and culture. Known worldwide, whiskey stands out in international markets. Its skilled making and special methods make it a sought-after product. This adds greatly to the sector’s charm.

Growth in Liquor Exports

Irish liquor exports have seen strong growth due to high demand worldwide. This surge includes not just whiskey but also cream liqueurs and other spirits. It strengthens Ireland’s role in the global alcoholic drink market. Those looking to invest will find a promising area with chances for good profits.

Consulting Services: A Broad Spectrum

business consultancy in Ireland

Ireland’s consulting industry is growing fast, offering diverse services. Companies seek expert advice to overcome challenges and seize chances. This includes areas like telecom, IT, finance, and legal consulting. These services are key to boosting business growth and effectiveness.

Telecom and IT

The telecom and IT sectors are evolving swiftly. This makes them key spots for consulting in Ireland. Firms need help managing technology, embracing new tech, and staying ahead in the digital world.

Finance and Legal Consulting

Finance and legal consulting are crucial in the consulting world. Companies need deep knowledge to deal with financial and legal complexities. The high demand for specialised advice means more growth and jobs for consultants in these areas.

The Cleaning Services Industry

In Ireland, the cleaning service industry keeps growing. It offers crucial services to homes and businesses alike. The sector does well even when the economy does not. It meets all kinds of cleaning needs. This ensures that places stay clean and safe.

Domestic Cleaning

Many people in Ireland need household cleaning services. These services help with everyday cleaning and special tasks. They are perfect for those with busy schedules. They keep homes clean and comfortable.

Commercial Cleaning

Businesses also need cleaning services. They help keep work environments professional and safe. Services range from office cleaning to industry-specific sanitation. They meet strict standards.

Related Services

The cleaning industry offers more than just basic cleaning. There are special services like window and carpet cleaning. Businesses provide deep-cleaning too. These services address specific needs. They also help the industry grow.

Tourism Sector: Endless Opportunities

Ireland is known for its stunning landscapes and rich culture. It offers many chances in the field of tourism. Entrepreneurs can tap into various travel services. They aim to draw tourists from all over the world with Ireland’s charm.

Trip Excursions

Organising trip excursions is a key opportunity in tourism. These can be anything from guided city tours and nature hikes to historical site visits and adventure sports. Tour operations that offer unique and immersive experiences attract tourists. They love to discover Ireland’s varied attractions.

Vacation Packages

Vacation packages can make tourists’ experiences better. By combining accommodation, entertainment, and travel in one package, planning becomes easier for tourists. This also lets businesses cater to varied preferences. There are luxury escapes and budget-friendly tours, appealing to different tourists.

Vehicle Rentals and Guide Services

Vehicle rentals add convenience and flexibility to travel. Adding professional guide services makes the visit even more enriching. Tourists might rent bicycles for countryside rides or enjoy chauffeur-driven cars in the city. These services meet diverse needs, ensuring visitors have a memorable and smooth trip.

Delving into the Fitness Industry

The fitness sector in Ireland is booming with possibilities for new entrepreneurs. A rising focus on health and wellness boosts demand for fitness-related businesses. This opens doors for setting up personal training services, sports coaching, or even your own gym.

Personal training is a very rewarding path. Nowadays, more people want custom fitness plans, and this demand can bring a consistent flow of clients. Personal trainers have the chance to build a strong brand. They can attract fitness lovers at all stages, from starters to pros.

There’s also great promise in sports services. You could start training centres, sports camps, or coaching clinics. These ventures draw in a wide range of people, both kids and adults, who wish to improve their sports abilities. With support from the Irish government for sports, this area is even more inviting for new businesses.

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