Why Ireland Is Ideal for Your Tech Startup


Ireland is a great location to start your tech startup

In recent years, Ireland has flourished as a tech startup hub, especially in Dublin. The city boasts many benefits for startups like a strong tech foundation, ambitious entrepreneurs, and an inspirational setting. It’s famous for striking the right work-life balance and the support it offers through agencies like Enterprise Ireland. Dublin is the vibrant capital, hosting over 2200 startups and sitting at 8th in the European Digital City Index.

It’s a favourite for tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. In 2019, Ireland ranked 11th on Forbes’ “Best countries for Business”, topping the US and Japan. Its rapidly growing economy and endless opportunities draw top firms and talent, making Ireland a perfect spot for your tech startup.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ireland offers a supportive ecosystem for tech startups, particularly in Dublin.
  • Dublin has a vibrant tech scene and is home to over 2200 startups.
  • Ireland ranks 8th in the European Digital City Index, attracting global tech companies.
  • Ireland was ranked 11th on Forbes’ “Best countries for Business” list in 2019.
  • Ireland’s fast-growing economy and supportive environment make it an ideal location for tech startups.

Dublin – A Central Hub for Innovation

Dublin is Ireland’s capital and a leading city for new ideas and startups. It’s the 8th most digital city in Europe, with over 2200 new businesses. The city helps startups with advice and support, drawing tech experts from everywhere. This makes Dublin a lively place for young companies.

The city’s connection to big tech companies also plays a vital role. Global names like Google and Facebook have their key European bases in Dublin. This sets the stage for smaller businesses to learn and grow with the giants. It’s a win-win, where everyone shares ideas and ways to succeed.

Dublin takes great pride in being innovative, which shows in its global rankings. It’s seen as the 15th most innovative city and the 4th for creativity. This recognition proves Dublin is a great place for any startup to call home.

Dublin’s Innovation Schemes and Supportive Business Ecosystem

Dublin stands out thanks to its strong innovation support and friendly business environment. It runs many projects helping startups get off the ground. These include spaces to work together, mentors, and finances to boost growth. Events and meetups are also common, making networking and learning easy.

The Impact of Dublin’s Highly Educated Workforce

Dublin’s smart workforce is a major asset for any startup. With Ireland’s top schools like Trinity College Dublin, it’s easy to find talented people. This mix of skills and education supports fresh ideas and growth.

A Thriving Tech Ecosystem for Startups

Dublin offers a lively tech scene that helps startups succeed. The city’s tech community is known to be welcoming and ready to support. It’s full of events and groups that bring together people wanting to create and invest. These make it easier for startups to meet the right partners and customers, moving them forward.

Benefits for Startups in Dublin Description
Diverse Tech Talent Dublin’s tech scene attracts a diverse pool of tech talent from around the world, ensuring startups have access to a skilled workforce.
Access to Global Tech Giants The presence of global tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon in Dublin creates opportunities for startups to collaborate and learn from industry leaders.
Supportive Business Ecosystem Dublin offers various programs and initiatives that provide startups with the support, mentorship, and resources they need to succeed.
Vibrant Tech Community Dublin’s tech community is known for its collaborative and supportive culture, fostering innovation and growth.

The Economic Environment in Ireland

Ireland is a great place for startups with its low tax rates and special perks for companies that focus on new ideas. The law here makes it easy for businesses to start and grow. If you start a business in Ireland, you only have to pay a 12.5% tax on profits.

With Brexit causing a bit of worry, lots of big companies are thinking of moving to Ireland. They like how the government helps businesses, especially during the pandemic. Various financial aid programs are there to offer a helping hand to those in need.

Dublin, the Irish capital, is in a perfect spot. It’s right in the middle between Europe and the US East Coast. This makes Ireland a great place for tech startups. They can reach customers not just in Europe but also in the United States, making growth and expansion easier.

A City Favored by Tech Giants

Dublin has grabbed the interest of big tech names. Many of these giants have chosen it for their European bases. Names like Google, Facebook, and Amazon see the value of being in Dublin. This trend has led to more tech firms setting up here. The city’s low corporation tax and government help make it a good place for any size company. This mix supports both startups and big players, helping drive innovation and growth.

In Dublin, starting a tech company feels encouraged and exciting. The city’s vibe helps startups tackle tech’s new challenges and chances. With tech giants around, many partnerships bloom. For instance, N26 and Amazon have joined in. Dublin is clearly a top pick for anyone wanting to start a tech business.

Competitive VC and Investor Market in Dublin

Dublin’s VC and investor scene is lively, supporting startups with funds and guidance. It’s filled with VC firms and angels, offering endless chances for startup owners. For instance, Talent Garden’s VC in Residence links startups with skilled mentors, giving them crucial advice.

In Europe, Dublin is known for its top accelerator and incubator schemes that help startups grow. These programmes support businesses with advice, skills, and even money. They are great for startups looking to make it big.

By using schemes like the Enterprise Ireland Competitive Start Fund, startups can stand strong in the tech world. Such methods offer cash and advice, so new business could do well in Dublin’s lively startup community.

Ireland’s Historical and Geographical Advantages

Ireland is a top pick for tech companies, thanks to its history and location. It has a rich past and great geographic perks. These include being an English-speaking country and its connections to Europe and the USA.

English-speaking Workforce

Ireland is the only Eurozone country where English is the main language. This means it’s easy to find English-speaking workers. It’s great for international companies working in Ireland because everyone can understand each other well.

Proximity to Europe and USA

Ireland is strategically placed between Europe and the US. This gives tech companies there easy access to two big markets. Companies can easily reach different European cities or fly directly to various American ones. This is good for both serving current customers and finding new business opportunities.

Favorable Government Support

The Irish government really supports tech companies and offers loads of benefits. For example, the corporate tax is quite low at 12.5%. This makes it very favourable for businesses. There’s also a tax credit of 25% for research and development costs.

Moreover, Ireland has agreements with over 60 countries to avoid double taxation. This helps international companies work with others across borders.

Advantages for Tech Companies Benefits
English-speaking workforce Seamless communication and collaboration
Proximity to Europe and USA Efficient access to two vast markets
Favorable government support Low corporation tax rate, tax credits, and international business collaborations

All these benefits, along with a strong tech startup scene, a lively business community, and supportive government policies, draw tech companies to Ireland. This helps these companies grow and innovate.

Successful High-Tech Companies in Ireland

Ireland’s high-tech industry is bustling, attracting top global firms. It has many successful companies, especially in medical tech. For example, Boston Scientific and Medtronic thrive here, benefiting from a supportive environment and skilled people. Apart from medical tech, Ireland is also key for pharma, with 24 top firms, and tech, with 10 leaders like Apple and Microsoft.

Several reasons make Ireland appealing to these high-tech companies. Its business-friendly tax policies and being part of the EU and eurozone help. The access to global talents and a strong education system are major draws too.

Ireland has earned the 8th spot in Forbes’ list of best business countries. This is a close, and recognition of its support for business and growth.

The impact of successful companies on startups in Ireland is profound. They create a space where small firms can learn from big players, fostering innovation. This exchange drives the growth of the Irish tech scene.

Top Medical Technology Companies Pharmaceutical Companies Digital Companies
Boston Scientific Abbott Laboratories Apple
Medtronic Johnson & Johnson Microsoft
Pfizer Google
Bristol Myers Squibb Facebook

Table: Successful High-Tech Companies in Ireland

Irish Early-Stage Startup Ecosystem

Ireland is home to many early-stage startups, with a focus on cloud services like Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). It has seen the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT) too.

Startups in Ireland get a lot of help from places like NDRC, NovaUCD, and Dogpatch Labs. These places give support before they even start, such as money, places to work from, and advice. This help is crucial for young businesses.

But, getting that first bit of money (seed funding) can be hard in Ireland. They do not have many tax breaks for investors. Also, there are not many venture capital (VC) firms or rich individuals looking to invest early. This can make it tough for startups.

The Irish government is a big part of helping new businesses grow. Through groups like Enterprise Ireland and local offices, they offer cash, help in selling abroad, and chances to grow in other countries. This support is vital for startups to grow.

Accelerators and Incubators Supporting Irish Startups

Accelerators and incubators in Ireland are big for helping startups get going. Here are a few:

  • NDRC: They’re a major starter investor who helps startups fix their plans, meet experienced people for advice, and find money.
  • NovaUCD: It’s at University College Dublin. They help companies at many stages, giving money, a place to work, and joining a group of people who are also starting businesses.
  • Dogpatch Labs: In the middle of Dublin’s tech area, this space is perfect for startups to share ideas, learn from the pros, and get money.

These places are key in helping young companies in Ireland. They offer tools and advice needed to achieve success.

Advantages Disadvantages
Access to accelerators and incubators like NDRC, NovaUCD, and Dogpatch Labs Lack of investor tax relief schemes
Pre-seed investment opportunities Limited early-stage venture capital presence
Mentoring and guidance from experienced professionals
Support from the Irish government through agencies like Enterprise Ireland

Starting a tech business in Ireland is tricky but exciting. Overcoming these challenges is made easier with support from various parties. The help is there for startups to succeed and stand out worldwide.

Challenges and Rewards for Irish Startups

Ireland is a great place to start a tech startup. But, it has its tough spots too. There’s good support early on from places that give money and help like accelerators and incubators. However, finding more money after that first bit can be hard. This is because there’s not much help from the government, and it’s not easy to find people willing to invest in start-ups.

Getting money to make a startup grow is one of the big problems. Startups in Ireland find it hard to get enough capital. There’s not a lot of investors that want to help them get bigger. So, they can struggle to get the money they need.

Also, living costs in Irish cities, especially in Dublin, are high. This makes it hard for startups, especially new ones. They struggle with costs like renting office space, hiring good people, and paying salaries. These challenges can limit their ability to grow and succeed.

However, Irish startups that push through find a very lively startup world waiting for them. There’s a lot of help and opportunities. The business community helps a lot. Also, the government offers grants and other support. And, being near big tech companies helps these startups find partners and explore new ideas.

Rewards and Opportunities for Growth

Those who can beat the challenges in Ireland’s startup world gain a lot. They get access to a skilled workforce and welcoming government. This makes it easier to start and run a tech business. Plus, being around other entrepreneurs helps a lot too.

Ireland’s tech world is full of chances to do well in new tech fields. Things like AI, blockchain, and IoT are hot there. Startups using these new technologies stand out. They can even lead in their markets worldwide.

And, if they do well, Irish startups can get money from abroad. Investors from around the world are interested in what Ireland’s startups are doing. This global attention can mean big things for promising startups.

To sum up, Ireland’s start-up scene has its challenges. But, the chances to grow and succeed are big too. With the right help, hard work, and good ideas, Irish startups can stand out. They can make a real difference in the global tech world.

Government Support for Irish Startups

Irish startups get a lot of help from the government. They have agencies like Enterprise Ireland and Local Enterprise Offices aiding them. Enterprise Ireland guides technology businesses, offering help such as mentoring, funding, and support to find customers abroad. They especially assist High Potential Start-Ups to speed up their growth.

The Irish government has made a big investment in these technology enterprises, pumping over €500 million through Enterprise Ireland. This large fund helps startups in Ireland grow and succeed. It allows them to compete and thrive in challenging markets.

Enterprise Ireland: Empowering Irish Startups

Enterprise Ireland is key in supporting and boosting Irish startups. It helps them overcome the difficulties of setting up and expanding. They provide various programmes and initiatives, ensuring startups get the resources, expertise, and funds they need.

They focus on vital sectors like technology and healthcare, helping companies in these fields flourish. Enterprise Ireland offers customised support like market research and business growth aid. It also aids in securing funds from different programmes.

Moreover, Enterprise Ireland’s global network connects Irish startups with international markets. This support in exporting is crucial for their growth, as it helps them go beyond Ireland’s borders.

Local Enterprise Offices: Catalyzing Local Startup Growth

Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) also support startups in Ireland. They work to create a dynamic local business scene. LEOs support startups in various regions.

LEOs provide services that startups need, like business advice and networking. They also offer financial help in forms such as grants and loans. This includes access to the Microfinance Ireland Loan Fund.

By encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, LEOs help startups start strong. The partnership between LEOs and Enterprise Ireland builds a strong support system for startups all across Ireland at every level.

Government Support for Irish Startups Benefits
Enterprise Ireland
  • Mentoring and business development support
  • Funding opportunities through schemes like the Competitive Start Fund
  • Access to international markets through a global network
Local Enterprise Offices
  • Business advice and mentoring programs
  • Access to financial supports and networking opportunities
  • Empowering local startup growth

Funding Landscape for Irish Startups

The funding scene for Irish startups offers chances but also comes with hurdles. Getting venture capital (VC) funds in Ireland is getting harder. More than half of CEOs and founders rate fundraising as their toughest task.

Even though more money is going into these startups, it mostly lands in the hands of a few. This leaves many others still looking for ways to get funded.

Irish startups often turn to foreign investments to fill their financial gap. Currently, over two-thirds of their VC funding comes from abroad. This is because Ireland is short on angel investors and early-stage VC funds, making it hard for startups to collect the funds they need.

Still, there are rays of hope. For example, the recent cut in capital gains tax is good news for startups in Ireland. This change should draw in more investors to help kick off new companies and bolster growth.

In spite of the obstacles, Ireland’s startup scene is flourishing. The country is well-known for its innovation and blooming tech industry. Its business-friendly setting, talented workforce, and ideal location also attract support from foreign investors keen on backing up-and-coming startups.

Irish Startup Exits and Acquisitions

Most Irish startup acquisitions have not made a big splash in Dublin’s startup world. However, some stories stand out. Over 215 Irish startups have been bought out. This shows there’s room for growth and success in Ireland’s startup scene.

Big tech names have bought up Irish startups, leading to large payouts. For example, Logentries, Soundwave, and Movidius were acquired. This brings money to their founders and draws more investment to Ireland’s startups.

Experts predict more and bigger acquisitions in Ireland’s future. More startups are creating new and exciting things, especially in tech, health, and finance. Even though startups face tough times, some become major players with the right strategy.

Table: Successful Irish Startup Exits

Company Acquiring Company Acquisition Amount
Logentries Rapid7 $68 million
Soundwave Spotify Undisclosed
Fleetmatics Verizon Communications $2.4 billion
Movidius Intel Corporation Undisclosed
FeedHenry Red Hat $82 million

These acquisitions show Ireland’s startup scene is growing. With more investments coming in, experts believe there will be more success stories. This strengthens Ireland’s role as an innovation and entrepreneurship centre.

The Impact of Cost of Living and Housing Crisis on Startups

The cost of living in Ireland, especially in Dublin, is high. This makes it tough for startups. Dublin is the 19th most expensive city out of 133. It’s hard for startups to find and keep good people. This is because of the high rent, which is part of Ireland’s housing problem. The startup ecosystem in Ireland is still growing, bringing in new and great companies.

Challenges of the High Cost of Living

Startups in Dublin face big hurdles because everything costs more. Startup costs like rent, utility bills, and getting around are more expensive than in a lot of Europe. Startups often have to pay more to their workers to compete, which can drain their funds.

Impact on Talent Acquisition and Retention

It’s hard for Dublin’s startups to keep or get skilled workers because of the pricey living costs. Good workers might not want to join if they find out about the high cost of living. This can leave startups behind bigger companies that can afford to pay more and offer better perks.

Remote Work as a Solution

Some startups have turned to remote work to deal with the housing and living cost issues. This way, workers can live in cheaper places outside of Dublin. It cuts down on their living costs. For startups, it means they can hire from anywhere, creating a bigger pool of talent.

Collaborative Efforts to Address the Housing Crisis

The Irish government and groups are trying to solve the housing crisis. They’re working on making affordable housing more available. They’re doing things like making more affordable homes, encouraging new housing ideas, and pushing for environmentally friendly building.

Challenges Solutions
High cost of living Remote work policies, competitive salaries, attracting international talent
Housing crisis Government initiatives for affordable housing, innovative housing solutions
Talent acquisition Remote work, flexible work arrangements, competitive benefits

The high cost of living and the housing problem keep being tough for startups in Ireland. But the growing startup space, helpful government actions, and the dedication to fix these issues make Ireland appealing to new and creative companies. Ireland offers skilled workers, a good business environment, and united efforts against the housing crisis. This puts Ireland in a strong and hopeful spot for startups.

The Future of Irish Tech Startups

The future looks bright for Irish tech startups with big aims for the global stage. Ireland wants to be the world’s most connected hub. It may not have the largest startup environment, but it works towards being the most joined up globally. Companies such as Stripe, Manna, Wayflyer, and Evervault lead in pushing Ireland onto the global tech map. The Irish startup scene is changing to tackle issues like high living costs and seed funding gaps. It aims to boost local businesses, keep talent in Ireland, and foster growth and new ideas. With its unstoppable drive, the Irish tech startup world is set for more success and growth.

The Ambitions for Global Relevance

Ireland’s tech scene aims high, looking to make a mark globally. Even with a smaller size, they bring innovation and new tech to the scene. For example, Stripe has really stood out in the payments arena, showing what’s possible. Irish startups are proving they can play with the big boys worldwide, drawing international attention with their global ambitions.

Commitment to Connectivity

Irish startups put a lot of value on staying connected. They want to build an ecosystem that connects people, businesses, and new ideas through tech. By doing this, they can work across borders, connecting with partners and customers worldwide. This focus on staying connected helps Irish startups grow their global influence, looking beyond national boundaries for their success.

Startup Industry Global Relevance
Stripe Payment Processing Leading global payment processing platform, valued at $95 billion
Manna Drone Delivery Pioneering drone delivery service, expanding internationally
Wayflyer E-commerce Financing Providing funding solutions for e-commerce businesses worldwide
Evervault Data Privacy Building innovative privacy solutions, gaining recognition globally

These startups are leading the way with their ambitious projects in the Irish startup community. Their focus on staying connected and growing globally shapes the sector’s future. Ireland is being increasingly seen as a major player in technological progress.


In conclusion, Ireland is perfect for starting your tech startup. It has a lively tech scene and support from the government. Dublin is a major innovation hub that brings in big tech companies and a lot of tech talent.

The high cost of living and seed funding challenges exist. But, Ireland gives startups many chances to do well. With help from the government, funding available, and a supportive network, Irish startups can grow and succeed. If you’re thinking of starting a tech startup, Ireland is a great choice.


Q: Why should I consider starting my tech startup in Ireland?

A: Ireland is alive with tech startups, helped by the government and a good economy.

Q: What makes Dublin a central hub for innovation?

A: Dublin stands out for new ideas. It draws in big tech names and a wide range of tech skills.

Q: What are the benefits of the economic environment in Ireland for startups?

A: New businesses in Ireland enjoy low taxes and strong support. This includes lower corporation tax and aid for doing research.

Q: Why is Dublin favored by tech giants?

A: Dublin attracts major tech companies with its business-friendly policies. These include low business taxes and government perks.

Q: Is there a competitive venture capital and investor market in Dublin?

A: Yes, Dublin has much to offer startups in the way of investment. More VC funds and angel investors are joining the scene.

Q: What are the historical and geographical advantages of Ireland for tech companies?

A: Ireland’s location helps it attract talented workers from both Europe and the USA. It also has good tax rules for businesses.

Q: Are there successful high-tech companies in Ireland?

A: Definitely. Ireland boasts a number of top high-tech firms, in fields like medical tech and global tech.

Q: What is the early-stage startup ecosystem like in Ireland?

A: Ireland’s startup scene is buzzing with early-stage companies. They focus on new tech, cloud services, and get lots of help from startup groups.

Q: What challenges and rewards do Irish startups face?

A: Startups in Ireland can find it tough at the start. They might struggle to get funding and cope with high living costs. But there are many chances to grow and do well.

Q: Is there government support available for Irish startups?

A: Yes, the government in Ireland gives a big helping hand. From advice to cash, they back startups through programmes like Enterprise Ireland.

Q: What is the funding landscape like for Irish startups?

A: Getting VC funding in Ireland can be hard, but things are getting better to help startups get more investment.

Q: Have there been any notable startup exits and acquisitions in Ireland?

A: Without a doubt. More than 215 Irish startups have been bought, showing there are chances for real growth and selling in Ireland’s market.

Q: How does the cost of living and housing crisis in Ireland impact startups?

A: The high cost of living and housing problems, particularly in Dublin, make it hard for startups to find and keep top talent.

Q: What is the future of Irish tech startups?

A: Irish tech startups are setting their sights high, aiming for global success. They’re facing and addressing tough issues like high living costs and funding gaps.

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