Startups Thrive with Ireland’s Ample Options


Ireland also has a number of options available for startups

Ireland is a great place for startups with many support options. These help new businesses grow and succeed. Enterprise Ireland, the main support agency, has helped over 1,560 High-Potential Start-Ups (HPSUs). Ireland is also known as Europe’s top investor in new local businesses.

Ireland is the home of big tech names like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. This means startups can find chances to work with these giants. It’s not just about funding. Startups can really grow here thanks to these opportunities.

Key Takeaways

  • Ireland provides ample options and support for startups, creating an environment for innovation and entrepreneurial success.
  • Enterprise Ireland has played a crucial role in supporting over 1,560 High-Potential Start-Ups (HPSUs) across different sectors.
  • Ireland has been recognized as Europe’s most active domestic seed investor.
  • Major tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon have established a strong presence in Ireland, offering collaboration and growth opportunities for startups.

Enterprise Ireland’s Support for Startups

Enterprise Ireland is vital for startups in Ireland. Since 2005, they’ve backed over 1,560 High-Potential Start-Ups (HPSUs). These startups cover areas like medtech, fintech, food, manufacturing, and consumer retail. By offering strong support, these startups have tackled early challenges and set a path for success.

Among their goals is helping female entrepreneurs succeed. 312 female-led businesses have been supported. This effort shows the agency is serious about including everyone in the startup world.

Initiatives driving Startup Success

Enterprise Ireland has key programs like the Competitive Start Fund and the Pre-Seed Start Fund. These provide startups with vital funding and guidance to succeed.

The Competitive Start Fund speeds up growth for early-stage companies. It offers up to €50,000 as equity investment. This funding, along with business advice, helps startups hit the ground running.

The Pre-Seed Start Fund aids in turning good ideas into great businesses. It offers up to €200,000 for innovative projects. This boost helps entrepreneurs turn their visions into reality, pushing forward new tech and ideas.

Impact and Success Stories

Enterprise Ireland’s effort leads to big achievements. Many startups, with their help, have hit great milestones. They’ve made strong partnerships and shaped markets, both locally and globally.

Successful Startup Sector Milestone
Company A Medtech Awarded EU certification for innovative medical device
Company B Fintech Raised €5 million in Series A funding
Company C Food Secured contract with major supermarket chain
Company D Manufacturing Opened state-of-the-art production facility
Company E Consumer Retail Expanded into international markets, with products available in over 10 countries

Start-Up Showcase 2023

The Start-Up Showcase is a yearly event in Ireland. It brings together new thinkers and those already in the field. Every year, more start-ups join to share their work and find new opportunities. This year’s Showcase will have fresh ideas, new ways to solve problems, and help create strong partnerships.

The event is all about being creative and starting new things. It helps make ideas real and changes the way we do things. At this event, start-ups get to show what they’ve made. They meet people who might help them grow, like investors and others in the same business.

The best bit about the Showcase is getting to know other start-ups. Start-ups talk to each other, share thoughts, and make friends. This can really help their business grow. By meeting others, they can find new customers, get advice from experienced people, and even work with others.

The Showcase has many exciting parts, like talks from top people in the field, group talks, and practical sessions. These sessions give lots of advice to the people who run start-ups. They share stories and tips on how to build a successful business.

There are also places for start-ups to show what they’ve done. From the latest technology to ways to help society, you can see it all here. It’s a chance for everyone, especially those just starting, to get inspired.

Additionally, the event offers a lot of help to those who start their own business. They can join programs that help them grow, get in touch with investors, and learn good strategies. This all helps start-ups become more successful.

Dates, Time, and Venue

The Start-Up Showcase 2023 will be held on [date] from [time] at [venue]. It’s for anyone interested in new ideas, like start-ups, investors, and experts. It’s a great place to see the latest in the business world.


To visit the Start-Up Showcase 2023, it’s best to sign up early on their website. Doing this makes sure you don’t miss out on this top opportunity to meet others and see new ideas.

Key Benefits of Start-Up Showcase 2023:

  • Exclusive platform for start-ups to showcase their products and services
  • Opportunity to connect with potential investors, industry experts, and partners
  • Inspiring keynote speeches and panel discussions by industry leaders
  • Access to mentoring programs and support services for start-up growth
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals
Benefits of Start-Up Showcase 2023 Details
Platform for showcasing Start-ups can present their innovative products and services
Networking opportunities Connect and collaborate with investors and industry experts
Inspiring talks and discussions Learn from industry leaders and gain valuable insights
Mentoring and support Access to programs and services for start-up growth
Connections and partnerships Forge meaningful relationships with like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to be a part of the Start-Up Showcase 2023. Register now and join the vibrant community of innovators, investors, and industry pioneers shaping the future of entrepreneurship in Ireland.

Start-Up Activity in 2022

In 2022, Ireland saw a big surge in start-up numbers. This showed how strong and lively its start-up world is. Many early-stage companies got big funding for their growth. In all, 153 start-ups got €27 million to help them move forward.

These new businesses got help from the Competitive Start Fund and the Pre-Seed Start Fund. These funds are crucial in helping new businesses grow. Thanks to this support, these start-ups can bring new ideas, grow, and make the Irish start-up world more active.

Industry Number of Start-Ups Total Investment (€)
Technology 65 14,350,000
Life Sciences 32 6,870,000
Food & Agriculture 24 3,500,000
Clean Energy 18 2,280,000
Other Industries 14 480,000

Start-ups from many areas got funding in 2022, but technology stood out. They got €14,350,000, showing how strong Ireland’s tech scene is. Life sciences, food and agriculture, and clean energy were also big areas for investment. This makes Ireland a top place for fresh ideas and business.

The help these start-ups got does more than just give them money. It lets them grow and create jobs. This is good for Ireland. It makes the country known as a great place for new businesses.

Regional Spread of 2022 Start-Up Activity

Start-up activity in Ireland isn’t just in Dublin. Many regions across the country are starting new businesses. In 2022, 161 early-stage companies received funding, showing a rise in start-ups all over Ireland.

This spread of start-up activity shows that Ireland has lots of places where businesses can grow. Let’s focus on the areas with the most start-ups in 2022:

  • Midlands
  • Mid-east
  • North-east
  • North-west
  • South
  • South-east
  • Dublin
  • Mid-west
  • West
  • Overseas

The growth of start-ups across different regions is a sign of Ireland’s strong support for new businesses. It proves the nation’s dedication to innovation and growth in all sectors and locations.

Region Number of Approved Start-ups in 2022
Midlands 9
Mid-east 17
North-east 12
North-west 14
South 20
South-east 16
Dublin 45
Mid-west 13
West 11
Overseas 4

The table shows how many start-ups were approved in each region. Although Dublin has the most start-ups, places like the South, Mid-east, and North-west also have a lot of new businesses.

The wide spread of start-up activity enriches Ireland’s entrepreneurial scene. It makes the country a key place for innovative businesses to flourish, in many sectors and regions.

High Potential Start-Ups in Ireland

Ireland has many High-Potential Start-Ups (HPSUs) that are leading the way in innovation. These start-ups show great potential for growth and are making a big impact. Let’s look at a few examples:

Company Name Industry
Access Earth Limited Travel and Accessibility
Ahascragh Distillers Limited Food and Beverage
Akara Robotics Robotics and Automation
Amara Therapeutics Limited Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
Animis Health and Wellness
Asora Technologies Limited Information Technology
Beekon Batches Food and Beverage
Bonafi Limited Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

These start-ups are pushing boundaries in their fields. With their creative solutions, they are thriving, showing Ireland’s potential for new ventures to blossom. They are setting a bar for what’s possible in the Irish start-up scene.

Rise of Aquatech in Ireland

The aquatech industry in Ireland is growing fast, particularly in seafood tech. The seafood economy is worth about €1.3 billion to Ireland’s GDP. Companies in Ireland made €212 million in revenue recently, showing the huge promise of this sector.

Support from groups like Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM) is a big reason for this growth. BIM helps with new ideas and gives resources to the aquatech sector in Ireland. Thanks to BIM, there have been big steps in fishing tech and making seafood practices more sustainable.

Aquatech’s growth means new tech is solving challenges for Ireland’s seafood. Technology is making things more efficient, sustainable, and of better quality. Irish companies are leading in this, coming up with new solutions in fish farming, water quality checkups, and tracking tech.

The local economy and the whole Irish seafood sector are benefiting from aquatech’s growth. Using this tech means being more productive, less harmful to the environment, and meeting the world’s hunger for sustainable seafood.

In the end, Ireland is on its way to being a top player in seafood tech. Groups like BIM and the work of Irish aquatech companies are putting Ireland at the forefront. This progress helps the aquatech sector move forward and supports the growth and health of the Irish seafood industry.

BIM Aquatech Business of the Year Award

BIM, Ireland’s seafood development agency, presents the BIM Aquatech Business of the Year award. This award showcases and celebrates innovations in the aquatech industry. It recognises the success and smart ideas of Irish aquatech businesses. The goal is to inspire more people to join this exciting field.

In Ireland, the aquatech sector is vital for the seafood industry’s future. Winners of the BIM Aquatech award are companies making huge leaps. They bring new helpful technologies that also care for our environment.

By giving this award, BIM highlights the great work done in the aquatech world. It motivates others to keep on creating. The hope is to see even more new and useful ideas come to life.

The BIM Aquatech award shines a big light on outstanding companies. Their work in fish farming, seafood processing, and more is impressively moving forward. It helps spread the message of Ireland’s strong position in aquatech worldwide.

For winners, this award is a big deal. It leads to more chances to grow and work with others. They also get more noticed, which helps them achieve even greater success in the aquatech field.

Previous Winners of the BIM Aquatech Business of the Year Award

The BIM Aquatech award has recognised many amazing aquatech companies. Let’s look at some past winners:

Year Company Innovation
2021 Seafarm Systems Revolutionary fish farming technology using AI-powered monitoring systems
2020 OceaSmart Smart aquaculture management system for optimizing water quality and fish health
2019 Solas Oyster Farm Sustainable and innovative oyster farming techniques

These winners are at the forefront of aquatech in Ireland. Their work shows the progress and future of the industry. The BIM Aquatech award highlights their important contributions.

Each year, new winners push the sector forward with their bright ideas. The award helps keep Ireland a top spot for aquatech. It encourages more progress and attracts interest and support.

Ireland’s Tech Talent and Aquaculture

The aquaculture industry in Ireland is set for big things. It has the chance to grow and innovate a lot. This is thanks to the country’s young, smart people and its strong tech scene. Ireland is famous for its tech talent in areas like pharma, genetics, finance, and IT. By tapping into this talent, Ireland aims to boost its aquaculture sector. It looks to mix skills from different fields for better fish farming.

The need for aquaculture products worldwide is going up. This gives Ireland a great opportunity to lead in this area. By using tech know-how and focusing on aquaculture’s unique needs, Ireland can make big changes. It looks to meet the world’s growing appetite for fish in smart, new ways.

Ireland wants to get more tech start-ups working in aquaculture. This brings together tech and fish farming, called aquatech. By uniting different experts, new and better ways to meet aquaculture’s challenges can come up. These methods look to evolve with the aquaculture sector’s changing needs.

For example, experts from pharma might use their skills in genetics and biotech to develop better, greener ways to fish. Finance pros could help with smart money moves and specific financial plans for aquaculture. It’s all about teamwork and sharing for a stronger aquaculture industry.

The table below highlights how Ireland’s tech gurus can help the aquaculture world grow and get smarter:

Industry Key Areas of Tech Talent
Pharma Genetics, Biotechnology
Financial Services Investment Strategies, Financial Modelling
IT Data Analytics, IoT

The link-up of tech talent and aquaculture leads to new ideas. It helps solve big issues like how to farm fish without hurting the planet. By using Ireland’s tech skills, the aquaculture sector can work smarter and cleaner. This makes Ireland a top player in the global scene for fish farming.

Opportunities in Aquaculture Technology

Aquaculture technology is a hotspot for Irish startups. It’s their chance to jump into the fast-growing global protein business. They need to find a way to feed more people without harming the planet. By using their skills in pharma, genetics, and IT, they can make breakthroughs in creating food responsibly.

There are so many new ideas in aquaculture tech. Things like using data to farm fish better and finding greener ways to do aquaculture. Startups can work on making fish farming more efficient, eco-friendly fish food, systems that watch over fish health, and better ways to stop diseases.

This tech is key in making aquaculture both green and profitable. It does this by tackling big issues like water quality and waste. With new technology, startups aim to make fish farming better for the planet.

Working with others in the field, like fish farmers, researchers, and officials, is crucial. This teamwork helps everyone learn faster, come up with better ideas, and grow aquaculture in Ireland.

Irish aquaculture is ripe for startups to lead the charge in being good stewards of the sea. With help in funding and expertise, they can change how we get our fish and seafood. This could mean a brighter, greener future for aquaculture.

The Call for Support and Funding

The aquatech industry in Ireland has big potential for growth. To succeed, aquatech startups need enough support and funding. BIM’s Innovation Studios are one place helping entrepreneurs in seafood technology. They offer help like resources and mentoring to grow aquatech startups.

Enterprise Ireland is also a big help for new aquatech companies. It offers guidance and funds to startups. Their support is vital for these companies to get the capital and advice they need.

But, helping aquatech startups isn’t just up to BIM and Enterprise Ireland. There’s a big need for good laws and taxes. These should help startups grow. By doing this, Ireland can attract more aquatech entrepreneurs.

Investors, both local and from other countries, are key to aquatech startups. Their money and advice can help these startups grow and succeed. By investing in aquatech, they help the whole industry and the Irish economy.

Support and Funding Initiatives for Aquatech Startups


BIM’s Innovation Studios

Enterprise Ireland

Improved Legal and Tax Frameworks

Local and International Investors

Initiative Description
BIM’s Innovation Studios BIM’s Innovation Studios help aquatech startups show off their ideas in seafood tech. They give support such as resources and advice. This helps startups grow fast.
Enterprise Ireland Enterprise Ireland is a top organization supporting startups, including aquatech. They give funds and advice. This support is important for startups to do well.
Improved Legal and Tax Frameworks Aquatic startups need laws and taxes that encourage growth. Making a good environment for startups helps Ireland bring in more aquatech entrepreneurs.
Local and International Investors Investors are crucial in giving money and advice to aquatech startups. Their support helps startups grow and benefits the whole industry.

Irish Founders Making Waves in the Tech Industry

The tech scene in Ireland has seen many Irish founders grab attention. They’ve set up companies that draw in big investments, proving Ireland is a place where startups flourish.

Shane Curran is a standout name. He founded Evervault, making data privacy super easy for developers. His creative ideas and leadership mark him as a key figure in Ireland’s tech future.

Then we have the Burke brothers, John and Patrick. They started Prü, helping companies lower their carbon footprint. Their work is not only attracting investors but also supporting Ireland’s eco aims.

Nikki Lannen has also left her mark. Her company, WarDucks, is a top VR game studio. Nikki’s story and VR skill set a great example for Ireland’s next startup stars.

Dee Coakley is making a difference too. She leads Boundless, changing how businesses handle employee compliance. Dee’s drive and innovation have made Boundless a respected tech name.

These Irish tech stories motivate future business owners. They also boost Ireland’s image as a tech haven, showing off the country’s talent, ambition, and startup vibe.

Building a Vibrant Startup Ecosystem in Ireland

Ireland is making great progress in helping startup companies and new ideas grow. This effort has created a lively system for startups that shows a lot of potential. Thanks to many projects and help, startups can not only grow but also motivate more people to start their own businesses.

Driving Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Various initiatives are pushing the Irish startup scene forward. For example, Enterprise Ireland’s Competitive Start Fund and Pre-Seed Start Fund offer both money and advice. They aim to help new companies start well and succeed. These projects give entrepreneurs what they need to make their visions a reality.

Improving Access to Funding

Though Ireland is supportive of new businesses, it needs to make funding more available. By increasing investments and bettering funding chances, startups can have the money to grow big. Such support will boost new ideas and help the economy flourish.

Streamlining Legal and Tax Frameworks

Starting and running a business in Ireland needs simpler legal and tax rules. Making business operations easier will draw in more entrepreneurs. Clear rules not only attract startups but also help them grow and become bigger.

Fostering Collaboration with Larger Tech Companies

Startups working with big tech firms is key to success. By teaming up and sharing knowledge, startups learn from the best. This teamwork sparks fresh ideas and opportunities for young companies to expand and prosper.

Ireland holds much promise to be a top place for startups with the right backing. It supports entrepreneurship and innovation, making a favourable space for business growth. As the startup scene keeps developing and improving, there’s great hope for Irish startups to do well.


Ireland has a great environment for ambitious entrepreneurs to try new things. They offer lots of support and ways to get funding. They also have a pool of skilled tech workers ready to help.

Big tech names like Facebook, Google, and Amazon are already there. They create chances for new businesses to grow and team up with established giants.

The future looks bright for startups in Ireland. The aquatech industry, in particular, is growing fast. Ireland might even lead the world in this sector. With more support and investment, Irish startups can do great things.

So, if you’re thinking of starting something new or looking to invest, consider Ireland. Their startup scene is lively and full of potential. It’s not just for tech but also for businesses in aquatech and more. This could be your chance to be part of something big in Ireland.


Q: What support does Enterprise Ireland offer for startups in Ireland?

A: Enterprise Ireland is key for startups in Ireland. It gives funding and advice through schemes like the Competitive Start Fund. Since 2005, it has aided over 1,560 startups in many fields.

Q: What is the Start-Up Showcase 2023?

A: The Start-Up Showcase is an annual Irish event for new ideas and connections. Here, startups can show their products and meet investors. The 2023 event promises great opportunities for startups.

Q: How active was start-up activity in Ireland in 2022?

A: Ireland saw a lot of startup action in 2022. 153 new companies got funds, hitting €27 million. They were from various sectors and got help from funds like the Competitive Start Fund.

Q: Where did start-up activity occur in Ireland in 2022?

A: Startups weren’t just in Dublin in 2022; they were all over Ireland. 161 companies got funding in places like the Midlands and Dublin. This shows a broad startup scene across the country.

Q: Can you provide examples of successful High-Potential Start-Ups (HPSUs) in Ireland?

A: Examples of top HPSUs in Ireland include Access Earth and Beekon Batches. These firms are innovation leaders with high growth potential. They show how startups can excel in various fields.

Q: How is the aquatech industry growing in Ireland?

A: The aquatech sector in Ireland is booming. Its seafood economy is worth €1.3 billion. Companies in Ireland made €212 million, thanks to help from groups like BIM.

Q: What is the BIM Aquatech Business of the Year award?

A: BIM, Ireland’s fish group, runs the Aquatech Business of the Year award. It highlights cutting-edge aquatech businesses. This award boosts the industry and encourages more investment in aquatech.

Q: How can Ireland leverage its tech talent for aquaculture?

A: Ireland can use its tech experts to grow the aquaculture field. By mixing knowledge from different areas, new opportunities unfold. This accelerates the aquaculture sector, spurring more growth.

Q: What are the opportunities in aquaculture technology for startups in Ireland?

A: Startups in Ireland have a great chance in aquaculture. They can develop new tech for fish farming and eco-friendly practices. Ireland’s expertise in tech helps meet the global need for aquaculture products.

Q: What support and funding are available for aquatech startups in Ireland?

A: Startup support is vital for aquatech’s success in Ireland. Schemes like BIM’s Innovation Studios and help from Enterprise Ireland are key. Yet, better tax laws are needed to aid startups. Local and global investors also make a big difference in funding and advice.

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