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Welcome to our French Travel Tour Business. We invite you on a journey full of enchanting landscapes and captivating culture. From the romantic streets of Paris to the sun-kissed vineyards of Bordeaux, France is diverse and alluring. It has a wealth of experiences waiting for you to discover.

At [French Travel Tour Business], we curate unforgettable adventures. They capture the true essence of France. We cater to history buffs, food enthusiasts, and nature lovers. Our expert tours ensure a seamless and authentic exploration of France.

Step into France’s charm, where landscapes and traditions meet. Make sure to visit iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. Explore the narrow streets of medieval villages. There, you’ll find hidden gems.

Indulge in French gastronomy and its world-famous wines. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and art that has influenced generations.

Our professional guides are here to make your trip perfect. They offer insights into French culture and ensure a smooth journey. With their expertise, you’ll discover hidden treasures beyond tourist spots.

Dreaming of Lavender fields in Provence or the French Riviera’s coastal views? Our tailored itineraries cater to all. We aim to provide personalised experiences that exceed your expectations.

You’ll engage with locals and fully immerse yourself in French culture. From lively markets to traditional festivals, you’ll experience France’s true spirit.

Your culinary journey will be unforgettable. Indulge in regional specialties and chef creations. Our tours celebrate French gastronomy.

Your comfort is our top priority. We select comfortable accommodations for a peaceful stay. From quaint hotels to chateaux, we ensure a restful experience.

Your safety and ease are important to us. We ensure a smooth, worry-free journey. From transportation to support, we guarantee your peace of mind.

Our happy customers praise our exceptional tours. They talk about our attention to detail, knowledgeable guides, and the lifelong memories they’ve made.

To start your French adventure, book a tour with us today. Our team is ready to plan a journey that explores France in an unforgettable way.

Join us to discover France’s treasures. With our travel business, you’ll explore the true essence of this extraordinary country. Create memories that last a lifetime. Start your French adventure with us today.

Why Choose Our French Travel Tour Business?

Exploring France’s landscapes, history, and culture is a unique experience with us. We’re dedicated to creating unforgettable trips for every customer. Your journey with us will be seamless and rich.

Expertise in Curating Unforgettable Experiences

Our team knows France well. We’re all about finding its hidden gems and sharing them with you. From famous spots to local food, our tours make France’s beauty and culture come alive.

Unparalleled Knowledge and Insight

Traveling with us means diving deep into France’s story. Our guides are experts in French history, art, and wine. They share fascinating tales and tips, making your trip even more interesting.

Personalized and Tailored Experiences

We believe every traveller is unique. That’s why we offer experiences just for you. Whether you’re into art, history, food, or action, we tailor our tours to fit what you love most about France.

Exceptional Customer Service

Your comfort and happiness are our top priorities. Our team is here for you, from the first call to the end of your tour. We aim to exceed your expectations in every way possible.

Why pick us for your French adventure? We offer expertise, insider knowledge, personalised tours, and great service. Let us make your trip to France unforgettable. Join us, and let’s explore the magic of this amazing country together.

Discover the Charm of France

France is a top choice for those seeking enchantment. Its destinations lead from Bordeaux’s vineyards to the Riviera’s beaches. It’s a place that captures the heart of travellers with its varied landscapes and experiences.

Its beautiful scenes include Provence’s lavender fields and the French Alps’ snowy peaks. Everywhere you go, nature’s beauty will dazzle you. Among the scenery, you find villages and chateaux, making it feel like a fairytale come to life.

The charm goes beyond landscapes. France’s history shines through its landmarks and ancient sites. The Palace of Versailles and Mont Saint-Michel are just a few places that give a peek into France’s grand past.

France’s soul feeds on its vibrant culture and art. The Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay are home to priceless art pieces. And let’s not forget its food – from Bordeaux’s wines to Paris’ pastries, French cuisine is downright delightful.

Visiting France means meeting its charming villages, vineyards, or Paris’ historic streets. Each trip is filled with unique charm, beauty, and deep cultural richness.

Landscapes Landmarks Culture Gastronomy
Picturesque landscapes Iconic landmarks Vibrant culture Delicious gastronomy
Rolling vineyards Palace of Versailles Artistic heritage World-renowned wines
Quaint villages Mont Saint-Michel Museums and galleries Delicate pastries
Lush countryside Ancient monuments Rich history Fine dining

Expertly Curated Tours

Our French Travel Tour Business shines in creating outstanding tours across France. Our team of travel pros have designed experiences that are both immersive and real. You’re sure to keep memories that last a lifetime.

Our tours in France are made to be flawless and enriching. From your first step in the country to your last, we care about your happiness. You will explore areas often missed by tourists, finding the soul and secrets of France.

Love history, art, food, or adventure? Our tours have something for you. Whether it’s ancient castles or outdoor fun, you’ll find your perfect match. Our aim is to craft tours that bring joy to every traveller.

Our friendly guides will be with you at every step, sharing local insights. They love France and aim to give you a genuine experience. You’ll learn a lot about the places you visit, from their history to traditions.

We pay close attention to where you stay, choosing places that match each region. Expect cosy stays in charming villages or luxurious spots with amazing views. Comfort and relaxation are always on our mind.

The Highlights of Our Expertly Curated Tours

  • Guided tours of iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Mont Saint-Michel, and the Palace of Versailles.
  • Visits to picturesque vineyards and wine tastings in the renowned wine regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne.
  • Exploration of charming villages and towns off the beaten path, where you can immerse yourself in local culture and traditions.
  • Culinary experiences that allow you to savor the exquisite flavors of French cuisine, from gourmet Michelin-starred restaurants to traditional street markets.
  • Opportunities for outdoor adventures, such as hiking in the stunning landscapes of the Loire Valley or cycling through the scenic countryside of Provence.
  • Insider access to exclusive events and festivals, providing a unique glimpse into the vibrant cultural scene of France.

Our tours are crafted with care to ensure you love exploring France. Get ready for an adventure that will amaze you, stir your interest, and instil a love for the charm and beauty of France.

Benefits of Our Expertly Curated Tours Why Choose Our French Travel Tour Business? Customer Testimonials
Immersive and authentic experiences Expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction “The best tour I’ve ever been on! The itinerary was perfect, the guides were knowledgeable, and every detail was taken care of.” – Sarah C.
Knowledgeable and passionate guides Curated tours that showcase the best of France “I can’t recommend this tour company enough. The guides were so friendly and knowledgeable, and they really made the history and culture of France come alive.” – Mark T.
Comfortable accommodations Unforgettable experiences beyond the typical tourist destinations “This tour exceeded all my expectations. The accommodations were top-notch, and the itinerary included hidden gems that I wouldn’t have discovered on my own.” – Emma L.

Unforgettable Experiences

Traveling with our French Travel Tour Business promises unforgettable experiences. You will soak in the charm of iconic landmarks, taste the best of French cuisine, and meet the locals.

Visits to Iconic Landmarks

Our tours let you see France’s famous attractions. You can stand in awe of the Eiffel Tower and explore the stunning Mont Saint-Michel. These places are not just beautiful but also perfect for capturing memories.

Culinary Delights

Fall in love with France’s food on our tours. Treat yourself to Parisian pastries, enjoy fine wines in Bordeaux, and try local cheeses in Provence. Your culinary journey in France will be a highlight of our tour.

Unique Cultural Encounters

Get to know France’s culture in a special way. Visit Nice’s markets to see regional products and meet the friendly locals. Then, in Lyon, learn to cook like a French chef. These experiences will make you cherish France even more.

Unforgettable Experiences France Travel
Visits to Iconic Landmarks The Eiffel Tower, Mont Saint-Michel, Palace of Versailles
Culinary Delights Parisian pastries, Bordeaux wines, Provence cheeses
Unique Cultural Encounters Markets in Nice, cooking classes in Lyon

Hidden Gems of France

France is famous for its well-known sites and bustling tourist spots. But, those who search carefully can find hidden gems. These places offer a unique, less-travelled experience. They show a different side of France and are perfect for creating special memories.

1. Provins

Just outside Paris, Provins is a medieval gem. It has ancient walls, charming streets, and amazing architecture. This UNESCO site showcases the area’s history well. Here, you can see underground tunnels, a tall tower, and feel the medieval spirit.

2. Etretat

In Normandy, Etretat shines with its majestic cliffs and unique rocks. Walk the beach to see the natural arches and cliffs up close. From the cliff tops, enjoy views that will stay with you. This spot is a treasure for anyone who loves nature and photography.

3. Colmar

Colmar, in Alsace, charms with its colourful, old houses and pretty canals. It’s called the “Little Venice” of France. Enjoy walking its narrow lanes and pretty squares. Boat rides, a famous museum, and delicious local foods and wines await.

4. Gorges du Verdon

In southeastern France, the Gorges du Verdon is a natural wonder. It’s called the “Grand Canyon of Europe”. Here, enjoy activities like kayaking, hiking, and climbing. Dive into the turquoise waters, walk the cliffs, and feel the peace of this awe-inspiring place.

5. Annecy

Annecy is dubbed the “Venice of the Alps” for its canals and old buildings. Walk the paved streets, see a historic castle, and the stunning Lake Annecy. Summer brings markets and festivals, filling the town with life.

These hidden treasures in France help you explore without the crowds. It’s a chance to see more of France’s rich culture and beauty. Whether you’re into history, nature, or just want something different, these special places will add to your journey.

Professional and Knowledgeable Guides

Our French Travel Tour Business is proud of our team. They are professional and passionate about France. They make our tours special.

These guides know a lot about France. They understand its history, culture, and beauty. They know the local ways and hidden spots. This makes every tour unique.

You’re in good hands when you pick us. Our guides are friendly and experts in their field. They make sure your trip is smooth, fun, and full of learning.

Our guides are experts on every place we visit. They can tell you all about Paris, Provence, or the French Riviera. Their knowledge adds a lot to your trip.

Our tours can fit your interests. Guides can focus on art, history, or food. They shape the tour just for you.

Travelling with our guides is a chance to learn and connect. They love to tell stories about France. You’ll leave with a deep love for the country.

Meet Our Guides

Name Specialty Years of Experience
Jean-Luc Dubois Art and History 15
Sophie Martin Culinary Exploration 10
Philippe Bernard Wine and Gastronomy 20
Marie Leclerc Outdoor Adventures 8

Tailored Itineraries

Our French Travel Tour Business caters to every unique traveller. We know you have different tastes and speeds you prefer. That’s why we design itineraries just for you.

Exploring France with us means your trip is meticulously planned. Our team understands your needs. They create a journey that matches your interests and goals.

Are you into history, food, or seeking adventure? No problem, we’ve got it all. Our itineraries offer numerous activities. This guarantees there’s something for everyone.

We pick top places and activities, based on what you love. Each day is a perfect mix, from Paris to Provence. Your journey will be rich and seamless.

We take care of every detail outside the itinerary too. Accommodation and transport are all sorted out. This lets you fully enjoy the French beauty and charm.

With us, you choose your pace in France. Spend more time where you’re amazed and skip what doesn’t spark joy. Whether you love wandering or crave adventure, your itinerary will match.

Join our tailored tour and discover France’s magic. We’ll make your dream travel a vivid reality. Let’s turn your France trip into an unforgettable experience.

Sample Tailored Itinerary

Date Destination Activities
Day 1 Paris – Guided tour of the Louvre
– Stroll along the Champs-Élysées
– Evening cruise on the River Seine
Day 2 Provence – Visit to the lavender fields of Valensole
– Wine tasting in Châteauneuf-du-Pape
– Cooking class and traditional Provencal dinner
Day 3 French Riviera – Explore the glamorous city of Cannes
– Relax on the beaches of Nice
– Scenic drive along the coastal road to Monaco
Day 4 Normandy – Tour of the historic D-Day beaches
– Visit to the stunning Mont Saint-Michel
– Indulge in local seafood specialties

Cultural Immersion

At our French Travel Tour Business, we think diving deep into a culture is key. We want to offer you chances that let you fully feel the heart of France. This means you’ll make memories that are about more than just looking around.

Engage with Locals

Meeting local people is a big part of what we offer. You might cook with a traditional class in Provence or learn about making wine from a keen owner in Bordeaux. These times spent with locals give you a special view of life in France. You’ll understand their traditions and values better.

Authentic Activities

Our tours are all about real French life. You can try local foods at markets or join in with old celebrations. From these, you’ll feel how deep and varied French culture is.

Deeper Understanding and Appreciation

Joining in with French culture helps you really get the place. You might visit big places like the Louvre or take quiet walks in villages. Or, perhaps you’ll find joy in the evening’s music in Paris. Our tours promise to make these moments stay with you.

Benefits of Cultural Immersion How Our Tours Facilitate Cultural Immersion
Enhanced cultural understanding and appreciation Engaging with locals and participating in authentic activities
Meaningful connections with locals Curated itineraries that prioritize local interactions
Deeper insights into French traditions Opportunities to witness and participate in traditional festivities and art forms
Multisensory experiences Exploring local markets and indulging in regional cuisine

Culinary Delights

Get ready to fall in love with French food. It’s famous around the world for its amazing taste. France is a food lover’s dream, with dishes that vary by region.

A Journey of Flavours

Take a tasty trip through France’s many flavours. Each part of the country has its special dishes. They use fresh, local goods to make food that melts in your mouth. Whether it’s Burgundy’s rich sauces or Brittany’s sweet pastries, every meal is a chance to learn.

French Cuisine: A Global Icon

French food is known everywhere as top-notch. Try dishes like Coq au Vin and Ratatouille. You can taste the care that’s gone into making each dish. French cooking is more than just food; it’s an art you can eat.

Regional Specialties

Dive into France’s unique food from different regions. Normandy has tasty cheeses, while Languedoc’s cassoulet is filling. The French Riviera’s seafood is a must-try. And don’t forget the herbs of Provence and Alsace’s bold flavours. French food is a world of its own, waiting to be explored.

Wine and Cheese Pairings

Pairing wine and cheese is a must-do in France. Taste the famous Brie along with Roquefort. Enjoy them with a glass of fine French wine. It’s a food duo that’s truly heavenly.

Region Specialty Dish
Alsace Tarte Flambée
Brittany Crêpes
Burgundy Boeuf Bourguignon
Normandy Camembert Cheese
Provence Ratatouille
French Riviera Bouillabaisse

For food lovers everywhere, a trip to France is a must. It’s a journey through amazing tastes. Each meal is a chance to experience French culture and flair. Bon appétit!

Comfortable Accommodations

Our French Travel Tour Business knows how vital comfy rooms are for an enjoyable trip. We strive to offer a wide choice to our customers. This way, every guest can find the perfect place, no matter their need or budget.

If you love the luxury of hotels, the charm of inns, or the simplicity of B&Bs, we have just what you’re looking for. All our picks offer both coziness and a true taste of France. We choose them for their top-notch facilities, prime spots, and friendly vibes.

Looking to dive into local life? Consider staying at a countryside cottage or a farm stay. These places let you really get to know the French landscape and its people. It’s a chance to see France beyond the usual tourist spots.

Sample Accommodation Options

Accommodation Type Description
Luxurious Hotels Indulge in opulence and first-class service at renowned hotels in major cities and popular tourist destinations.
Boutique Inns Experience the unique charm and personalized hospitality of intimate, family-run inns located in picturesque towns and villages.
Cozy Bed and Breakfasts Enjoy a warm and friendly atmosphere with comfortable rooms and a home-cooked breakfast to start your day.
Countryside Cottages Escape to idyllic countryside cottages, surrounded by rolling hills, vineyards, and breathtaking natural beauty.
Farm Stays Immerse yourself in rural life and experience authentic farm stays where you can participate in agricultural activities and savor farm-fresh produce.

Our team works hard to ensure your stay is smooth and delightful. We help with room choices or any special needs you might have. We also give tips on local hotspots and sort out your travels. Count on us for a stress-free and memorable journey.

Choose our French Travel Tour Business for a trip where every detail is looked after. Your happiness and comfort come first. Start your unforgettable journey in France today. Experience accommodation that makes you feel like you belong.

Safety and Convenience

At our French Travel Tour Business, your safety and ease matter most. Journeying through France should offer peace of mind. Thus, we’ve set sturdy safety practices to ensure a smooth adventure.

We take safety very seriously. Our skilled team keeps a close eye on travel updates for potential risks. Partnering with reliable locals, we follow strict protocols. So, explore France without a worry.

Booking with us means leaving the hard work to us, which lets you just enjoy. We’ve designed itineraries for ease, making each minute count towards memorable experiences in France.

Safe and Secure Accommodations

We put your safety and comfort first in picking accommodations. Our handpicked hotels meet high cleanliness and safety levels. Be it a luxurious room or a cosy boutique hotel, your stay will be secure and cosy.

Efficient Transportation

Moving around a new place might seem hard, but not with our help. We offer reliable rides, regularly checked and packed with modern features. This ensures a smooth and delightful trip.

Knowledgeable Guides

Our expert guides are passionate about France and well-versed in your safety. They know all spots you’ll visit and are here to help with anything. They’ll share insights, making your journey more enriching and hassle-free.

Customer Support

Issues during travel happen, but we’re always here to help. Our customer service is available 24/7. Whether it’s about last-minute changes or any worries, a quick call solves it. Your safety and ease are always our focus.

Ease of Booking

Booking is straightforward on our site. You’ll find detailed tour information, making selection easy. For further queries or help, our warm team is ready to assist, ensuring your booking is stress-free.

Safety Measures Convenience Enhancements
Regular monitoring of travel landscape to ensure safety Streamlined itineraries to minimize travel time
Close coordination with local partners to ensure safety protocols Efficient transportation for seamless travel
Selection of safe and secure accommodations Knowledgeable guides for a seamless journey
Round-the-clock customer support for assistance User-friendly website for easy booking

Customer Testimonials

Our French Travel Tour Business aims to give customers memorable experiences. They enjoy France tours a lot. Let’s hear from some of them:

Testimonial 1: An Unforgettable Journey

“My partner and I went on a great France tour with the French Travel Tour Business. It was unforgettable. We saw beautiful landscapes and explored charming villages. The trip was full of beauty and wonder.

We enjoyed the rich culture and history thanks to the well-planned itinerary. The guides shared fantastic stories. We recommend this travel company.” – Sarah Smith

Testimonial 2: Discovering Hidden Gems

“Visiting France’s hidden gems was a dream come true with the French Travel Tour Business. Our off-the-beaten-path tour showed us amazing places and attractions. The guides were passionate about France, making it an insightful journey.

The accommodations were comfortable. The tour was beyond our expectations. We look forward to our next adventure with this company.” – James Johnson

Testimonial 3: A Culinary Delight

“I love food, and the French Travel Tour Business provided an amazing culinary experience. We enjoyed delicious French pastries and traditional dishes. The tour let us meet local artisans and explore French cuisine.”

We also saw iconic landmarks and immersed in local culture. This tour was beyond my dreams. I highly recommend it.” – Emma Brown

Testimonial 4: A Personalized Adventure

“I loved my France tour with the French Travel Tour Business. It matched my interests perfectly. We saw Paris and the French countryside’s beauty. I was treated like a VIP.”

The guides were knowledgeable and provided great advice. The service was exceptional. I can’t wait for another adventure with this company.” – Michael Taylor

The comments show our customers’ fantastic times with us. We’re dedicated to giving the best service and memories. Come with us and make your own unforgettable travel story.

Booking and Contact Information

Ready for an amazing adventure in France? Booking a tour with us is simple and fast. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit our website at www.frenchtraveltours.com
  2. Look through our many France tours. Choose the one that interests you.
  3. Click the “Book Now” button. Fill in the form with your travel dates and details.
  4. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm your tour.
  5. Pay online to secure your place on the tour.

Contact Information

Need help with your booking? Our helpful team is ready to assist. Contact us by:

Don’t be shy to contact us. We’re looking forward to making your journey in France unforgettable!

Operating Hours Address
Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
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Sunday: Closed
French Travel Tour Business
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Start Your French Adventure Today

Ready for a memorable journey through France’s enchanting landscapes? Your search ends here. Our French Travel Tour Business designs tours just for you. We’re excited to kick-start your French adventure.

Choosing us for your France travel experience means discovering extraordinary sights and rich culture. Imagine wandering through Paris’s famous spots, tasting French cuisine, and finding hidden local secrets.

Our enthusiastic guides are with you every step, offering insight into France’s history and culture. They’ll show you the country’s true charm, from hidden villages to lively local markets.

Expect to dive deep into French culture, with wine tastings in Bordeaux or pastry classes. Let’s delve into the real France, beyond the usual tours.

Your safety and comfort come first. We handle everything, from accommodation to transport. So, you can focus on enjoying France’s wonders.

But don’t just take our word. Our customers’ testimonials show the real impact of our tours. They’ve felt the magic of a French adventure with us. Now, they’re part of a community in love with France’s beauty.

Ready to start your French adventure? Let us guide you through France’s wonders. Contact us to book a tour. Get ready for memories that will last a lifetime.

Top Reasons to Choose Our French Travel Tour Business
Expertly curated tours that showcase the best of France
Tailored itineraries that cater to your preferences and interests
Professional and knowledgeable guides who bring France to life
Unforgettable experiences that immerse you in French culture
Culinary delights that tantalize your taste buds
Comfortable accommodations for a restful stay
Focus on safety and convenience throughout your journey

Join the Exploration of France with Our French Travel Tour Business

Experience the wonders of France with our esteemed French Travel Tour Business. We promise to show you the best of France. Our tours dive into the deep culture, history, and charm of this extraordinary place.

Discover France’s hidden gems, beautiful landscapes, and quaint villages. Our tours are unique, ensuring an immersive experience. You’ll see what makes France so enchanting on our carefully crafted adventures.

Join us, and you’ll explore with skilled guides. Meet locals, taste amazing food, and see famous sites. With us, your journey through France will be safe, comfortable, and worry-free.

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