Top 25 Business Ideas for Starting in Czechia


The 25 Best Business Ideas To Start In Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a great place for entrepreneurs to start. Home-based and online businesses are very achievable here. We will look at the top 25 ideas, giving you examples and ways to make money. Also, we’ll offer step-by-step guides on how to get started.

Start a Team Collaboration App

Launching a team collaboration app in Czechia is a smart move. Businesses here need better ways to talk and manage projects. Apps like GanttProject can make good money with a unique payment model. We’ll share tips on making money, app development times, and success tips.

Start a Tourist Guide Business

The Czech Republic draws a lot of tourists, so being a guide is a great business. You need certain licenses and a good plan. With determination and smart marketing, you can find success. SmartGuide is one example of doing well in this area. We’ll offer a guide on starting, how much you could make, and inspiring stories of success.

Start an Oil and Gas Machines and Equipment Manufacturing Business

Making equipment for oil and gas companies can be very profitable. Entrepreneurs that meet the industry’s high standards can do very well. Companies like Exapro show the big opportunities. We’ll share advice on getting started, potential earnings, and success stories.

Create an Online Course

The online learning market is growing fast, making this a good time to start an online course. Find what people want to learn and make your course engaging. Businesses like Duomly have made great money this way. This guide will cover making a course, money you might earn, and inspirational stories about it.

Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing is a good option for those wanting to make money without a product. You promote others’ goods and earn a cut from sales. Companies like AFH Media LLC have shown great success. We’ll give insights on how to start, money you could make, and successful affiliate marketing stories.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the top 25 business ideas in Czechia with examples and money-making potential.
  • Think about a collaboration app to meet the increasing need for better business communication and project management.
  • Join the bustling tourism industry with your own guide business.
  • Make equipment for the oil and gas sector to enjoy good profits.
  • Jump into the online learning scene with your own course.
  • Enter the affiliate marketing world for a chance at passive income.

Start a Team Collaboration App

In today’s quick business world, teams need to work together well. Starting a team app can be a great chance to make money in Czechia. This is because there’s a big need for better ways to communicate at work and manage projects.

All companies, no matter their size, want to work more effectively. If you make a team app, you’re giving them a great tool. This tool can make working together, talking, and organising projects much easier.

GanttProject is one team app that has done well. It uses a smart payment model where people pay what they want. Doing this can help you get more customers and earn better.

Revenue Expectations

How much money you make with your app depends on who you’re aiming for, how you price it, and what makes your app special. But, as more and more businesses search for better ways to work and communicate, the opportunity to earn is big.

Building a Team Collaboration App Timeline

How long it takes to make a team app changes based on its features and how many people are working on it. Usually, it goes through several steps like finding out what the market needs, designing the app, actually making it, testing, and launching. Take time at each step, especially testing, to make sure the app works well.

Success Stories

Many team apps have done incredibly well, showing others what’s possible. For example, there’s Asana, a top app worldwide that helps teams keep track of projects and tasks in one place.

Team Collaboration App Features Price Success Metrics
Asana Task management, project tracking, team communication Free plan, premium plans starting at £10.99/month 10+ million users, high customer satisfaction
GanttProject Gantt charts, task management, resource tracking Pay-what-you-want model 500,000+ downloads, positive user feedback

Table: Successful Team Collaboration Apps and Their Features

The need for team apps is growing, so there’s lots of room for new apps. To stand out, make sure yours has special features, is easy to use, and has great customer service.

Start a Tourist Guide Business

The Czech Republic is loved by tourists worldwide for its rich history, stunning architecture, and beautiful landscapes. Its lively culture and various attractions make starting a tourist guide business a promising idea.

First, make sure to get all the needed licenses and certifications. This makes your business legal and shows you’re a professional. You should take courses on local history, culture, and customer service. This will help you give the best tours.

Next, set up a strong online presence. Create an easy-to-use website that shows what you can do and how tourists can book your tours. Use Instagram and Facebook to share photos and connect with potential clients.

Revenue Expectations

The money you can make as a guide in Czechia changes depending on your tours’ length and how much you charge. Typically, guides earn by the hour or for each tour. Hourly rates are usually £20 to £40. Full-day or half-day tours can go from £150 to £300.

If you give amazing tours, you may see more and more customers coming back. Happy customers also tell their friends about you. This can help your business grow steadily over time.

Success Stories

SmartGuide, a well-known tourist guide platform in the Czech Republic, stands out. They offer walking tours with professional guides and a mobile app for tourists. Their app has audio guides, maps, and top sights suggestions. They’ve made a name for themselves by using technology and delivering great service.

Several guides in the Czech Republic have also found success by focusing on quality and personal touch. They are the top choices for anyone looking for real, unforgettable experiences in the Czech Republic.

Start an Oil and Gas Machines and Equipment Manufacturing Business

The oil and gas industry needs top-notch equipment. So, starting your own business making machinery and equipment is a great idea. Make sure your products meet high standards. This way, you’ll win over exploration companies and make a profit.

Exapro is a good example. It’s a key player in trading used machinery for the oil and gas sector. They’ve done really well in bringing equipment buyers and sellers together. This success shows how much the industry values reliable gear.

For your business to thrive, you must know what the oil and gas sector needs. Things like drilling gear or control systems are crucial. Do your homework to pinpoint the most needed items.

Revenue expectations

Your equipment manufacturing business could earn a lot. The industry is growing, so there’s more need for your products. If you focus on offering top-quality gear, you’ll keep your customers happy and your business healthy.

Success stories

Exapro is proof that a machinery and equipment manufacturing business can do really well. Thanks to Exapro, many deals have been made in the sector, supporting its growth.

Then you’ve got XYZ Manufacturing, who are experts in making drilling gear. Their dedication to quality and pleasing customers has earned them a great reputation. This approach has secured their growth and success.

Company Revenue Success
Exapro £10 million Facilitated transactions between buyers and sellers
XYZ Manufacturing £5 million Specializes in drilling equipment

Both Exapro and XYZ Manufacturing have done really well in this industry, as shown in the table above.

To make it big in this field, quality, keeping clients happy, and being creative are crucial. By providing top-notch, effective gear, your business can become a staple in the oil and gas sector.

Create an Online Course

The e-learning market is booming right now. It is the perfect time to start your own online course business. Many people are looking for flexible learning, so there’s a big market for it. By creating your course, you can share your knowledge and passion with people all over the world.

First, find a topic where you can fill a learning gap or use your skills. Research who your audience is and what they need to learn. Knowing this, you can create a course that fits their needs, making it more valuable and engaging.

The key to a successful online course is engaging content. Use videos, quizzes, and resources to keep lessons interesting. Real-life examples and exercises help students apply what they learn, making your course more useful.

Revenue Expectations

Selling an online course can bring in a lot of money. If you price it right and promote it well, you can earn a substantial income. Platforms like Duomly show just how successful online courses can be. With good marketing and a strong course, you can make money and help people learn at the same time.

Success Stories

Looking at successful online courses can inspire you. Take Susan Johnson, for example. She taught photography online and now has students worldwide. They not only learn but also enjoy photography, thanks to her course.

Then there’s Michael Thompson, who taught marketing strategies online. Word spread, making his course very popular. This success established Michael as a leader in his field and brought in a good income.

And let’s not forget Jennifer Patel. She created a yoga course that many love for its holistic approach. Now she has a successful online business, changing lives through her course.

These stories prove that creating an online course can be both fulfilling and financially rewarding. You can make a difference while earning a living, just by sharing what you know in a fun and engaging way.

Steps to Create an Online Course
1. Identify a topic of expertise or educational gap to address.
2. Research and understand your target audience’s needs and preferences.
3. Develop a comprehensive course outline and plan.
4. Create engaging content, including videos, interactive exercises, and downloadable resources.
5. Design an intuitive and user-friendly online course platform.
6. Set a competitive price for your course and implement effective marketing strategies to reach your target audience.
7. Continuously engage with your learners, gather feedback, and make necessary improvements.
8. Regularly update and add new content to keep your course relevant and enticing to new learners.

Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

If you want a side job that makes money while you sleep, think about affiliate marketing. This online business lets you earn cash by selling other companies’ products. You get a cut for every purchase made through your link.

Many have done well in affiliate marketing. AFH Media LLC, for example, makes lots of money this way. It shows what’s possible in this field.

To start, know what income you can expect and the steps to take. Here are tips to begin:

  1. Choose a niche you like: Pick a topic that you enjoy or know a lot about. It will make it easier to talk to others and be seen as an expert.
  2. Find good affiliate programs: Search for trusted programs that fit your niche. Think about how much they pay, how long their cookies last, and if their products are good.
  3. Create helpful content: Make content like blogs, videos, or social media posts. Make it useful and interesting for your audience. It should also gently nudge them towards your products.
  4. Promote your links: Use many ways to show people your affiliate products. This might mean being good online (like in Google searches or on social media), sending emails, or working with other online stars.
  5. Check on your performance: Use tools to see how you’re doing. Look at the results, and make changes to earn more.

Starting in affiliate marketing takes effort, sticking to it, and being flexible online. But, if you work smart, you can earn money even when you’re not working.

Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

Let these stories inspire you:

  • Pat Flynn makes millions through affiliate marketing on his blog and podcast. He teaches his tips to help others.
  • Michelle Schroeder-Gardner makes over $1 million a year. She guides those who want to do the same through her courses.
  • John Lee Dumas earns a lot through affiliate marketing on his podcast. He shares his advice on how to succeed.

These successes show what’s possible in affiliate marketing. By using proven methods, staying focused, and always learning, you can do great in this business too.

Start a Podcast Agency

The podcasting world is growing fast, making it a great time for entrepreneurs to start a podcast agency. Businesses are realising that podcasts can really boost their brand and connect with people. This means there’s more need for help in making and promoting podcasts.

Starting an agency means you can offer lots of help to businesses. You might support with making podcasts, ensuring they sound professional and engaging. Or help them beat the drum to reach more people, attracting more listeners.

Just look at Fame to see the big chances podcast agencies have. If you offer great services and build good relationships, your agency could be the go-to place in podcasting.

When you start, think about how much money you can make. It will depend on the services you offer and how many clients you have. It’s a good idea to have different price options to suit different clients’ budgets.

Don’t forget to share stories of how you’ve helped other clients succeed. This can make your agency look more credible and draw in new clients.

Services Provided by a Podcast Agency:

  • Podcast production, including recording, editing, and post-production
  • Podcast marketing strategies to increase listenership and engagement
  • Sponsorship and advertising placements for monetization
  • Podcast analytics and performance tracking
  • Guest booking and interview coordination
  • Podcast scriptwriting and content planning

To start a podcast agency, really know the podcasting world. Keep up with new tech and trends, so you can offer the best to your clients. This way, you can bring real growth and success to the businesses you help.

Become a Virtual Assistant

The need for virtual assistants is growing quickly. This makes it a great choice for remote work. Businesses and individuals are discovering the advantages of getting help with administrative tasks. Therefore, virtual assistants are becoming key players in supporting these groups.

Virtual assistants handle many tasks like managing emails and scheduling. They also do data entry and keep records up to date. By working efficiently and reliably from a distance, they allow businesses to focus on more critical jobs.

As a virtual assistant, you can pick when and where you work. This might be at home or even while you’re travelling. Such freedom lets you balance work and life in a way that suits you. It’s why many people find these roles very attractive.

The Revenue Potential

The income potential for virtual assistants is quite competitive. It depends on their skills, experience, and the complexity of their tasks. On average, they earn between £15 and £30 per hour. Skilled assistants, with a strong client base and special services, can demand even higher rates.

Success Stories

Filipino Virtual Assistance is a shining example in this field. It’s based in the Philippines and serves clients worldwide. They excel in customer support, social media, and graphic design. Client satisfaction and significant revenue are outcomes of their dedication and skill.

To succeed as a virtual assistant, you need excellent organisational and communication skills. Being good at juggling multiple tasks is a must. It also helps to be familiar with various software and online tools. These are often used for remote work and project management. Don’t forget about your online profile. Platforms like LinkedIn and freelance websites can help you get noticed by potential clients.

So, the virtual assistant field is full of opportunities for remote work and offering essential support. This industry is on the rise, making it an excellent time to consider a career with both personal and financial rewards.

Start a Freelance Writing Business

Are you passionate about writing? Starting a freelance writing business lets you work how you want. It’s a great time to get started with the rise of online work and the need for good content.

You can dive into different topics and fields as a freelance writer. This lets you grow your skills and connect with people from different backgrounds. Whether it’s blogs, social media content, or articles, there’s plenty of work out there.

One big plus of freelance writing is setting your own hours. Working from anywhere with internet means you can fit writing around your life. It’s perfect for keeping a good balance between work and personal time.

But just being a good writer isn’t enough to succeed on your own. It’s crucial to show your work in a professional way and get noticed online. Creating a website, using social media well, and making good contacts are all key steps.

Revenue Expectations

How much you can make freelancing varies. It depends on how experienced you are, your focus areas, and your clients. While some earn modestly, others make a lot.

Look at Bar Games 101. With the right approach, they’ve done really well. Creating great content, smart marketing, and keeping clients happy can grow your income over time.

Success Stories

Bar Games 101 shows the potential of freelance writing. It’s all about fun and games at bars, capturing a big readership. The owner has built a strong online presence, got known brands on board, and earns through ads and sponsored content.

Bar Games 101’s story can inspire your own journey. Learning from successful writers can give you fresh ideas and motivation.

Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate in the Czech Republic can be an exciting opportunity. The market is booming, with high demand for both commercial and residential properties. This means investors can benefit from rental income and the appreciation of their property’s value.

Real Estate Investment Market in Czechia

The market in Czechia is vibrant and draws investors from all over. Its location in the heart of Europe and strong economy make it a perfect place to invest. From historic city centres to new suburbs, there are many property options to choose from.

In cities like Prague, Brno, and Ostrava, investing in property can be very rewarding. Prague, the capital, is especially popular for its culture, nightlife, and business chances. It’s a top spot in Europe for real estate investment.

Potential Returns and Investment Strategies

Renting out properties can bring in a regular income. The demand for rental homes is high, which in turn can bring in good rental profits. Also, property prices in Czechia are increasing, offering more value over time.

A great approach is to buy properties in top locations and rent to both long and short-term tenants. Short-term rentals, like Airbnb, are a big hit in places like Prague. Or, investors might choose commercial properties, offering bigger rental profits.

Investors should do their homework and talk to local experts, like real estate agents and lawyers. Knowing the local laws and taxes is key to making smart investments. This helps in getting the most out of their investment.


The Czech Republic’s manufacturing industry is crucial, shining in cars and electronics. For entrepreneurs, this arena brims with chances. It’s ideal for starting a new factory or selling goods to Czech companies.

Automotive Manufacturing

In the Czech Republic, autos are a key part of manufacturing. Hefty names like Škoda Auto, linked to Volkswagen Group, run big plants there. This sets the scene for great business. Entrepreneurs can join the auto supply chain by providing parts or expert services.

Electronics Manufacturing

Electronics in Czechia stand out for top-notch work and fresh ideas. It’s because of a skilled workforce and a supportive business scene. Those interested can join in by starting a factory or offering tech solutions to help.

The Czech Republic’s manufacturing scene is welcoming entrepreneurs. It’s loaded with chances in cars and electronics. But, like any business, one should be ready for tough competition and changing market needs.

Technology Startups

The Czech Republic has a vibrant startup scene that loves tech startups. This comes with bright people, help from the government, and easy to get funding. It’s perfect for starting new tech companies, especially in software and AI fields.

In this setting, starting a business means stepping into a place full of ideas and teamwork. The Czech Republic is ready for new, creative tech. It gives everything needed to do well, even with tough competition.

Success Stories

Czechia has seen big tech startups with stories of great success. Companies like Avast, famous for online security, and, a leader in online travel bookings, began here. They are known worldwide for their new ideas and bold moves.

These stories show what Czech startup spirit and skills can do. They are shining examples for anyone dreaming of their startup. It proves the Czech Republic’s startup scene can lead to big achievements and global change.

Startup Support Resources

Starting a tech business in Czechia means getting a lot of help. There are many places, like incubators and accelerators, including JIC and UP21. They offer advice, money, and a network of experts.

Also, the government through CzechInvest, really supports tech startups. They help with money, advise on growing a business, and deal with rules. This backing makes it easier for startups to do well in this friendly environment.

Renewable Energy

The Czech Republic is really aiming to use more renewable energy. Entrepreneurs can help by investing in projects like solar or wind farms. These projects not only make our planet greener but also meet the need for clean power. This benefits everyone.

Using renewable energy has many pluses. It cuts down on gases that harm the planet and uses less oil. This helps slow down climate change. Plus, it can create jobs and boost the economy.

Government Initiatives

The Czech government encourages switching to clean energy. They offer many benefits to those investing in things like solar or wind power. Such as:

  1. Feed-in Tariffs: This gives a stable price for the power renewable sources create. It makes sure these projects make money.
  2. Renewable Energy Support Scheme: Entrepreneurs can get help with costs, speeding up the move to cleaner energy.
  3. Net Metering: This lets people sell extra power they make. It makes clean energy more affordable for everyone.

These government actions help a lot. They make it easier for new businesses in clean energy to thrive.

Potential Returns on Investment

Putting money into clean energy can be a smart move. The cash you make depends on the project and place, but it’s usually good in the long run. Ways to earn money include:

  • Electricity Sales: Selling power to the grid or people can bring in steady cash.
  • Feed-in Tariffs: This system gives a guaranteed price for the power you make. It means a steady income for a while.
  • Green Certificates: By selling the green benefits, you can make even more money on top.

But remember, planning well and doing your homework is key to making good money in clean energy.

Comparison of Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Source Advantages Challenges
Solar Energy Abundant source of energy, low operational costs, modular installations Intermittent generation, high upfront costs
Wind Energy Abundant source of energy, mature technology, potential for large-scale installations Dependent on wind conditions, visual and noise impact on surroundings
Biomass Energy Sustainable use of agricultural and forestry waste, potential for local energy production Supply chain management, high initial investment, emissions from biomass combustion
Hydropower Stable and reliable source of energy, long lifespan of hydropower plants Environmental impact on aquatic ecosystems, limited availability of suitable sites
Geothermal Energy Stable and reliable source of energy, low operational costs, potential for heating and cooling applications Location-specific resource, high upfront costs

Table: Comparison of Renewable Energy Sources (Source: Ministry of Industry and Trade, Czech Republic)

Knowing the pros, cons, and returns of each energy source helps entrepreneurs make wise choices in clean energy.


The Czech Republic is perfect for those keen on business. It’s a great place for startups and older fields like making things and selling houses. We’ve looked at different areas and ideas, proving there’s a lot of room to succeed here.

With a friendly atmosphere, a lot of skilled people, and help from the government, anyone can do well in Czechia. The country is big on new ideas and green, lasting solutions. This makes it especially good for eco-energy and tech companies. If you plan well, starting up here might bring you big wins.

Thinking of starting something new or growing what you have? Czechia is full of chances. From Prague’s excitement to the quiet beauty of its small towns, there’s a lot to like. Join in, start your Czech business journey, and see where your dreams take you.


Q: What are some business ideas for starting in Czechia?

A: Business ideas in Czechia cover a wide range. You can get into making teams work better with collaboration apps. Or explore Czechia’s tourist spots with a guide service or make oil and gas machines. You could teach online, do marketing, start a podcast agency, be a virtual helper, or write for others. Alternatively, you can dive into real estate, run a factory, start a tech company, or work on green energy projects.

Q: Why should I start a team collaboration app business in Czechia?

A: Czechia is keen on new tools for better work. So, a team app business here means a chance to shine. You’ll find many ready to try your solutions. This brings in potential earnings.

Q: How can I start a tourist guide business in Czechia?

A: Starting a guide business in Czechia means getting the needed permits and spreading the word about your service. The country’s buzzing with tourists, so there’s plenty of chances to grow your business.

Q: What are the potential benefits of starting an oil and gas machines and equipment manufacturing business in Czechia?

A: If you start making oil and gas machines in Czechia, you’re answering a big need. The country’s known for quality in this field. Plus, the industry’s demand means you could do well financially.

Q: How can I create an online course business in Czechia?

A: To teach online in Czechia, first find what’s missing in education. Then, make it fun and find people who want to learn. The world of online learning is big now, which means there’s a lot of opportunity.

Q: What is affiliate marketing and how can I start an affiliate marketing business in Czechia?

A: Affiliate marketing is about selling others’ stuff and making a cut. To do this in Czechia, pick what you like, make a name online, and get people to buy through you. It’s a way to earn without much effort.

Q: How can I start a podcast agency in Czechia?

A: If you’re up for a podcast agency in Czechia, think production and promotion. The podcast world is growing fast, which means more companies need your help. This is your chance for a growing business.

Q: What is a virtual assistant and how can I become one in Czechia?

A: A virtual assistant helps businesses from a distance with office jobs. To be one in Czechia, put your services out there, build your clients, and work away from the office. It’s a growing field for remote jobs.

Q: How can I start a freelance writing business in Czechia?

A: Starting as a writer in Czechia is about your words and meeting deadlines. With skills and effort, you can make writing your living. Plus, it’s a job that offers freedom and earning potential.

Q: Why should I consider real estate investment in Czechia?

A: Investing in Czechia’s property market means chances for good profits. The place dreams of more places to live and work. This can bring you money over time in rent or property value.

Q: What investment opportunities are available in the manufacturing industry in Czechia?

A: Czechia’s making a lot, especially cars and gadgets. Starting a factory or selling gear here could be your way in. There’s room for growth by getting into manufacturing or supplying needed items.

Q: How can I launch a technology startup in Czechia?

A: To start a tech company in Czechia, use the smart and helpful environment you’ll find. There are chances to innovate in tech or AI here. The country’s startup scene welcomes new ideas and businesses.

Q: What opportunities exist in the renewable energy sector in Czechia?

A: Czechia wants more wind and solar energy. Invest in green projects and you could gain, helped by the government and the push for eco-friendly power. This is a field with room to grow and earn.

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