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22 businesses to setup in  Netherlands

If you’re looking to start a business, the Netherlands offers a plethora of opportunities. With a thriving economy and supportive business environment, the Dutch market provides a fertile ground for growth. Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur or an experienced business owner, the Netherlands has something to offer. In this article, we’ll explore 22 businesses that you can consider setting up in the Netherlands.

The Dutch market is known for its diversity and innovation. From retail to technology, sustainability to hospitality, there are many sectors where you can establish your business. The Netherlands is also home to a highly educated and multilingual workforce, making it an ideal location for businesses that require skilled labour.

Whether you’re interested in tapping into the growing tourism industry, catering to the environmentally-conscious market, or tapping into the tech start-up scene, the Netherlands has something to offer. Join us as we explore the different sectors that offer growth opportunities in the Dutch market.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Netherlands provides a supportive environment for entrepreneurs to start a business.
  • The Dutch market is diverse and innovative, offering growth opportunities in various sectors.
  • The Netherlands has a highly educated and multilingual workforce, making it an ideal location for businesses that require skilled labour.
  • Consider tapping into the growing tourism industry or catering to the environmentally-conscious market for sustainable growth.
  • The Netherlands has a thriving start-up scene with opportunities in technology and innovation.

Retail Business Ideas

The Netherlands is a haven for retail businesses, with a thriving consumer market that presents numerous growth opportunities. If you’re passionate about fashion and clothing, why not explore the boutique clothing store business? With an eye for style, you can cater to a niche market of fashion-conscious consumers and set up shop in a trendy shopping district.

If you’re looking for retail businesses with a twist, why not enter the world of specialty shops? From artisanal cheese stores to vintage vinyl record shops, the Dutch market offers numerous untapped opportunities.

Table: Top Retail Businesses in the Netherlands

Retail Business Growth Potential
Clothing Boutiques High
Artisanal Cheese Stores Medium
Vintage Vinyl Record Shops Low

If you’re more interested in the tech side of things, consider starting an e-commerce platform. With a solid business plan and a comprehensive marketing strategy, you can make a name for yourself in the highly competitive e-commerce industry. Alternatively, you can explore software development and AI solutions, developing bespoke products for a range of different clients.

Another retail business idea to consider is the food industry. From trendy cafes to specialty food shops, the food industry is booming in the Netherlands.

Whether you’re interested in the fashion industry, e-commerce, or the food industry, the Dutch market offers numerous growth opportunities for retail businesses. Take advantage of the thriving consumer market and enter the world of retail in the Netherlands today.

Technology Start-ups

The Netherlands is home to a vibrant start-up ecosystem, which has earned it the nickname “Silicon Canals.” The country’s innovative spirit and strong support for entrepreneurs make it an ideal location for technology start-ups seeking to disrupt industries and pioneer new solutions.

With access to top talent, ample funding opportunities, and a well-developed infrastructure, the Netherlands provides a fertile ground for innovation. The Dutch government, through initiatives such as StartupDelta and TechLeap.nl, actively supports the growth of the technology sector, making it an appealing destination for entrepreneurs.

Some promising technology start-ups that have emerged from the Netherlands include:

Company Name Industry Product/Service
Booking.com Travel Online travel booking
Adyen Payments Payment processing platform
MessageBird Communication Cloud communications platform
Bol.com Retail Online retail platform

As you can see from the examples above, the Netherlands has produced some of the world’s most successful technology start-ups. If you have an innovative business idea or a disruptive solution, the Netherlands could be the perfect place to launch and grow your technology start-up.

Technology start-ups Netherlands innovation

Sustainable Enterprises

The Netherlands is renowned for its eco-friendly mindset, making it an ideal target market for sustainable businesses. With innovative solutions and an increased focus on environmental conservation, there are numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs to set up sustainable ventures in the Netherlands.

Eco-Friendly Products

The market for eco-friendly products is expanding rapidly in the Netherlands. From biodegradable packaging to organic skincare, consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact their purchases have on the environment. Entrepreneurs can tap into this growing demand by setting up eco-friendly product businesses that cater to this market.

sustainable business in the Netherlands

Renewable Energy

The Dutch government has set a target to achieve a fully sustainable energy system by 2050. To achieve this, there is a significant need for renewable energy solutions. Entrepreneurs can set up renewable energy businesses that offer solar panel installation, wind turbine maintenance, or energy-efficient solutions for homes and businesses.

Organic Farming

The Dutch agricultural sector is renowned for its innovative and sustainable practices. Organic farming practices are gaining popularity in the Netherlands, and entrepreneurs can capitalize on this trend by setting up organic farms that produce sustainable crops.

Sustainable Tourism

Tourism in the Netherlands is a significant contributor to the economy. Sustainable tourism businesses that offer eco-friendly accommodations or tours that promote environmental conservation can benefit from the growing demand for sustainable travel options.

Hospitality Ventures

The Netherlands’ tourism industry continues to grow, presenting opportunities for hospitality businesses to thrive. The Dutch’s love for quaint cafes, trendy bars and restaurants, upmarket hostels, and budget-friendly hotels is evident. Entrepreneurs looking to invest in the hospitality sector have a variety of options, catering to all types of tourists.

Bed and Breakfast

Setting up a bed and breakfast in the Netherlands is a lucrative venture. The country’s picturesque landscape makes it an ideal location for tourists seeking a quiet retreat. With over 7,000 registered B&Bs in the Netherlands, competition is fierce. A great way to differentiate your B&B from the rest is by offering additional services such as bike rental, guided tours, and meals made with locally sourced products. The average price for a B&B in the Netherlands is € 70 per night, with occupancy rates of around 45%.

Trendy Cafes and Bars

If you have a passion for coffee or mixology, consider setting up a trendy café or bar in the Netherlands. Dutch people love to socialize over a good cup of coffee or a well-crafted cocktail. In 2019, there were approximately 17,000 cafes and bars in the Netherlands, with an estimated turnover of € 4.8 billion. With the growing popularity of specialty coffee and craft cocktails, there is plenty of room for new entrepreneurs to tap into this market.

Unique Dining Experiences

Food tourism is on the rise, and the Netherlands is no exception. Tourists are seeking unique dining experiences that showcase local cuisine and culture. Consider setting up a themed restaurant, a pop-up dining experience, or a food tour to cater to this growing market. With diverse dining options in the Netherlands, entrepreneurs can target a specific niche, such as vegan, halal, or farm-to-table dining.

hospitality businesses

Hotels and Hostels

For entrepreneurs looking to invest in the budget-friendly accommodation market, hostels in the Netherlands offer an excellent opportunity. Hostels cater to backpackers and budget-conscious tourists and are popular in Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, and Rotterdam. The average price for a hostel bed is €25 per night, with occupancy rates of around 60%. For investors with a larger budget, hotels in the Netherlands offer excellent returns. In 2019, there were 3,200 hotels in the Netherlands, with an average occupancy rate of 76%.

The hospitality sector in the Netherlands offers ample opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the growing tourism industry. With innovative ideas and a passion for customer service, the possibilities are endless. From bed and breakfasts to trendy cafes and bars, unique dining experiences and budget-friendly accommodation options, this sector is a must-examine for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Starting a business in the Netherlands can be a great way to tap into the country’s thriving economy and take advantage of growth opportunities in various sectors.

After exploring the 22 business ideas we’ve shared, you should have a better idea of which sector suits your interests and skills. Whether you’re looking to set up a retail business, a tech start-up, a sustainable enterprise or a hospitality venture, the Dutch market has plenty of room for growth.

Remember, the key to success is thorough planning, market research, and a strong work ethic. With the right approach and mindset, you can build a successful business in the Netherlands.

We hope this article has been helpful in providing you with valuable insights into the diverse business opportunities in the Netherlands. Good luck with your entrepreneurial journey!


What are the business ideas discussed in this article?

The article explores 22 exciting business ideas that you can consider setting up in the Netherlands.

Are there growth opportunities in the Dutch market?

Yes, the Dutch market offers a host of growth opportunities in various sectors.

What retail business ideas are mentioned in the article?

The article discusses various retail business ideas, including boutique clothing stores and niche specialty shops.

What technology start-up ideas are explored in the article?

The article highlights technology start-up ideas such as software development, e-commerce platforms, and AI solutions.

Are there opportunities for sustainable businesses in the Netherlands?

Absolutely! The Dutch market is environmentally conscious, making it ideal for sustainable enterprises like organic farming, renewable energy, and eco-friendly products.

What hospitality business ideas are suggested in the article?

The article recommends considering setting up a bed and breakfast, a trendy café, or a unique dining experience to cater to the growing tourism industry in the Netherlands.

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