20 Businesses to Setup in Canada


20 Businesses to Setup in Canada

Every year, close to 100,000 entrepreneurs start their own small businesses in Canada. From 2014 to 2018, an average of 97,640 new small businesses sprung up, as per Government of Canada data. But, picking the right business idea is key for success. This is because about 89,227 small businesses close each year. There are many business paths in Canada, from low-cost options like catering and car washing to lucrative fields like real estate and transportation.

For those with smaller budgets, starting a business can cost between $5k and $50k. Options include mobile coffee kiosks and editing services. With a budget of $50k to $100k, entrepreneurs can open coffee shops or auto repair shops. Sectors in demand include software, construction, eCommerce, and healthcare. This invites immigrants to start their businesses in Canada, boosting the economy.

Key Takeaways

  • Nearly 100,000 small businesses are established annually in Canada.
  • Choosing the right startup ideas in Canada is crucial due to high dissolution rates.
  • Low-investment businesses such as catering and marketing consulting can be highly profitable.
  • Profitable sectors include real estate, transportation, and waste management.
  • High-demand industries comprise software, construction, eCommerce, and healthcare.

Why Canada is a Great Place to Start a Business

The business environment Canada offers is perfect for new businesses. It draws entrepreneurs from all over the globe. The Canadian entrepreneurial climate is stable and has strong government support. This encourages creative ideas and new projects.

Canada sees a lot of new small businesses. This is thanks to helpful legal and economic setups. These systems help new ideas grow. Financial aid, simpler processes, and guidance play a big part in the business environment Canada promotes.

Some industries in Canada offer great chances for entrepreneurs. The tech and innovation field is very active. Many startups here are known worldwide. The healthcare industry is also expanding. It grows with new medical advances and an ageing population. Real estate is another solid choice for Canadian business development, due to ongoing demand.

In sum, Canada’s stable and supportive climate is ideal for business. With sectors ripe for growth, it’s a top spot for start-ups. Entrepreneurs find a nurturing environment here that helps businesses thrive and innovate.

Best Industries for Starting a Business in Canada

business opportunities in canada

Canada offers many chances for those looking to start a business. The technology and innovation, healthcare, and real estate sectors are particularly promising. Each one presents a unique opportunity for growth and success.

Technology and Innovation

The tech scene in Canada is booming. Thanks to government support and a strong research culture, innovation is at its peak. Cities like Toronto and Vancouver are the heart of this sector. They are pushing the boundaries in AI, fintech, and biotech, making Canada a leader in tech.


Healthcare in Canada is a growing field with lots of opportunities. As people get older, they need more health services. This has led to a rise in telemedicine, wellness apps, and medical devices. Healthcare is a vital area that always needs new ideas, making it a safe bet for new businesses.

Real Estate

Real estate is a key part of Canada’s economy. The market keeps growing, offering great profits to those who dive in. In 2019, real estate businesses had an average profit margin of 46.5%. This shows the strong demand for new property developments and investments. It’s an ideal field for driven entrepreneurs.

To wrap it up, if you’re planning to start a business in Canada, look at technology, healthcare, and real estate. These sectors are not just profitable. They’re essential to Canada’s economy as well.

Low-Investment Business Ideas

For those dreaming of starting their own business without spending a lot, Canada offers many low-cost ideas. You can look into tutoring or pet care as budget-friendly ways to begin. These options can be the first step towards reaching your goals.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring is a great option if you’re looking to start a business on a budget. It needs little money to start and uses your knowledge. You could teach languages, maths, or science. There’s always a need for help in education, making this a growing business.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

For those who love animals, starting a pet sitting and dog walking business is a low-cost idea. It allows for flexible working hours and meets an increasing need. This can become a way to make money while doing what you love.

Cleaning Services

Starting a cleaning service is another idea that doesn’t cost much at first. You can work with homes or businesses, making it very adaptable. As people want cleaner spaces, a well-run cleaning business can grow quickly, offering good profits.

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Canadian business opportunities

Canada is full of opportunities for entrepreneurs. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money or just a little to start. This list includes tech startups, mobile coffee kiosks, and more for you to consider in 2023:

  • Professional Services
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Cleaning Services
  • Mobile Coffee Kiosks
  • Health and Wellness Centres
  • Technology and Innovation Startups

Professional services, such as accounting or legal advice, are great choices in Canada. Real estate is always in demand, making it a smart pick. Cleaning services are an easy start-up option with low initial costs.

If you can invest a bit more, mobile coffee kiosks and health centres are wise choices. For those keen on tech, starting a Canadian tech startup could be very rewarding.

In conclusion, this list of startup ideas suits different interests and budgets. It helps ensure you find the right business for Canada’s growing economy.

Top Profitable Businesses in Canada

Canada is a hub for industries with high profit margins. The oil and gas sector is a leader, thanks to abundant natural resources. Real estate businesses also rake in robust returns, driven by strong demand in property markets.

Long-distance trucking plays a key role in Canada’s trade, making it a profitable business field. The healthcare sector, especially pharmaceuticals, profits from ongoing demand for health products and services.

Engineering and thermal power companies benefit from the need for infrastructure and energy. Car dealerships see significant earnings due to continued interest in purchasing vehicles.

These leading industries offer great investment opportunities. They highlight Canada’s rich and diverse business environment. Entrepreneurs in these fields can achieve great success, contributing to their wealth and Canada’s economy.

Emerging Business Opportunities Due to Market Trends

emerging business opportunities

Canada’s business scene is changing, creating chances for savvy people. Keeping up with trends and responding to new demands helps businesses grow. Currently, e-commerce, digital marketing consulting, and remote work solutions are booming.


The e-commerce sector in Canada is rapidly growing. This growth comes from more people shopping online, seeking convenience and a wide selection. Success in e-commerce means investing in digital tools and knowing what customers want.

Digital Marketing Consulting

As companies aim to boost their online presence, demand for digital marketing consulting rises. Businesses need experts to help them connect with more customers online. This makes digital marketing consulting a promising field for those with specialised skills.

Remote Work Solutions

The global move towards remote work has opened up new business avenues. Entrepreneurs can tap into this by offering tools that help with productivity and team connection. There’s a growing need for services like video conferencing and collaborative platforms, showing a shift in business practices.

Best Seasonal Businesses in Canada

In Canada, some businesses do really well in certain seasons. They offer great chances for those ready to meet changing needs. This journey into seasonal businesses can be both profitable and rewarding.

Snow Removal Services

Canadian winters are fierce, making snow removal services essential. A business that clears snow for homes and companies can make a lot of money. When it snows a lot, the need for these services jumps, creating a great opportunity.

Holiday Decoration Services

The Christmas season boosts the demand for holiday decorating services. Both individuals and companies look for experts to beautifully decorate their spaces. This area of business does especially well during the holiday season, offering a good chance for those with seasonal businesses.

Summer Water Sports Rentals

During the warm summers, people flock to lakes and rivers. This increases the need for water sports rental services. Offering things like kayaks, paddleboards, and jet skis draws adventure lovers. Entrepreneurs focusing on water sports rentals see their profits soar in summer.

Food and Beverage Industry Opportunities

Canada's food industry business

Canada’s food industry offers a great platform for business minds. Its varied culinary culture opens doors to many opportunities. If you’re thinking about entering this field, here are some key areas to consider:

  • Restaurants: There’s always a need for new dining experiences, from local spots to upscale places. Stand out by tapping into local flavours and offering something special.
  • Catering Services: This sector serves events and office gatherings. Success comes from offering tailored menus and top-notch service, leading to steady growth.
  • Beverage Sector: There’s much to explore in drinks, from coffee shops to bars. Craft beer and unique coffee spots are especially trending.

Despite varying profits, Canada’s food sector remains a reliable market. Entrepreneurs can thrive by focusing on the beverage industry with innovative and quality products. This approach is key to entering the big world of food service.

Home-Based Business Ideas

Canada is full of chances for starting a home business. You can use your skills to freelance, teach online, or run a catering service from your kitchen. There are many ideas that don’t need much money to start.


In Canada, freelancing opens doors in many fields. You could be writing, designing, or coding from your home. Freelancing lets you choose your projects and work on your own terms.

Online Tutoring

Digital learning’s popularity means online tutors are in demand. As a tutor, you can help students in subjects like maths, languages, or science. You can make a difference in their education without leaving your house.

Baking and Catering Services

Love cooking? Turn it into a home catering or baking business. You can make food for events or sell baked treats. It’s a way to do what you love and earn from it too.

Starting a business from home in Canada combines work-life balance with low start-up costs. It’s perfect for new entrepreneurs wanting flexibility and minimal investment.

Key Considerations Before Starting a Business in Canada

Beginning a business in Canada requires careful thought to ensure it kicks off well and grows. First, comprehensive business planning is key. It helps understand the market, pinpoint potential customers, and spot competitors. Checking if your business will make money is also crucial. You need to look at costs and predict income to see if your idea can succeed financially.

Dealing with the law is another big step. Entrepreneurs need to know about Canadian business laws, including registration and permits. Each province has its own rules, so you must ensure your business follows these local laws. Also, getting enough money to start is essential. There are many ways to find funds, from bank loans to government grants, which can help you start your dream.

Picking the perfect location is vital for your business’s success. It should be easy for customers to get to and right for your business model. Also, managing what you have in stock is key to keep your business running smoothly. By choosing the right software, you can easily manage stocks, sales, and customer details.

In summary, to start a business in Canada successfully, understanding key factors is essential. Solid planning, knowing legal requirements, choosing a strategic location, and good stock management are the foundation of a successful business.

Leveraging Government Programs for Small Businesses

Starting and growing a small business in Canada can be tough due to financial issues. The Canadian government helps out by providing different forms of support. One main way is through Canadian government support grants. These grants don’t need to be paid back, which is great for new entrepreneurs. They can be used for various aims, like research or to grow your business.

Not just grants, there are also special loan programs for small business funding. These loans have lower interest rates and more flexible pay back options compared to regular banks. This financial help can turn a good business idea into a money-making one.

Tax benefits are essential in the enterprise incentives Canada scene too. The government has tax credits and reductions designed to lessen small businesses’ tax loads. A key example is the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit. It encourages new inventions by letting businesses get some R&D costs back.

Immigrant entrepreneurs have access to government programs just for them. The Start-Up Visa Program is one, offering money help and chances to learn and network. These efforts aim to use the diverse talents of immigrants. This helps in creating jobs and making the Canadian economy stronger.

Using Canadian government support like grants, loans, and tax perks can really help lower starting costs. It boosts the chances of your business doing well in the long run. These government programs are key in building a strong and lasting business scene in Canada.

Business Opportunities for Immigrants

Canada is great for immigrant business opportunities in various sectors. It welcomes business ideas from immigrants, creating a dynamic and diverse economy. Let’s look at three areas where immigrants can find success.

Agriculture and Farm Work

Agricultural ventures are key for immigrants in Canada. With its vast farmlands and supportive policies, Canada is perfect for starting a farm business. Opportunities range from organic farming to agri-tech, all promising.

Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism enterprises offer great chances for immigrants. Canada’s beauty and culture attract many visitors. Immigrants can create businesses like boutique hotels or eco-tourism services, adding value to Canada’s tourism.

Professional Services

The professional services sector offers rich prospects for immigrants. Areas such as legal, accounting, and IT are included. Immigrants’ diverse skills greatly contribute to Canada’s services sector.

In summary, Canada is a top choice for immigrant entrepreneurs. It has plenty of chances in agricultural ventures, tourism enterprises, and the professional services sector.

Franchise Business Opportunities

Looking into franchise businesses in Canada is a smart move for those aiming to start their own company. This is because the risks are generally lower. Franchises offer well-known brands and proven business strategies, laying a solid groundwork for success. These opportunities span various sectors, each with its own perks for investment.

Cold Stone Creamery stands out in the food service area for its top-notch ice cream. Investing in a recognized brand like this can bring in faithful customers. For car fans, franchises such as Midas and Meineke offer promising ventures with their acclaimed car care services.

Retail franchises are also attractive for entering the business world. Take The UPS Store, for instance, which provides vital services for both individuals and companies, keeping demand up. Different franchises need different investment amounts, but all offer strong support and tested models. This helps newcomers start their business journey with confidence.

Franchise businesses get a boost from Canada’s supportive business scene. The mix of government backup and a booming market makes starting a franchise there even more appealing. Pick the Canadian franchise that fits you best and enjoy the perks of working with a proven business model.

Growing Your New Business in Canada

Growing a new business in Canada involves understanding market trends and customer habits. It is important for entrepreneurs to make decisions based on data. This helps them stay informed by what customers want and how the market is changing. In a world that is always changing, being innovative is key. Using new technology helps businesses run smoothly and meet future customer needs.

Looking at markets that aren’t yet full can be smart for your business to grow. Finding areas with less competition but a need for your product can lead to growth. Improving how customers feel about your service is also important. Small changes like better service, quick support, and showing you care can keep customers coming back.

Adding new products or services is vital for growth. This not only reduces risks but also offers more selling chances to current customers. By expanding what you offer, you meet more customer needs and find new market spaces. This is important for staying competitive in Canada. Using new ways to grow will keep your business flexible and ahead.

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